News - 1st June 2017

8 weeks off


What would you do if your local parkrun had to cancel every week for 8 weeks?


‘Freak out’ is a natural first response and that was the situation Meadowbrook and Logan River parkrunners have had to deal with the past couple of months.


When tropical cyclone Debbie passed over Far North Queensland earlier this year, it had a devastating impact on large parts of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. While the eye of the storm hit Airlie Beach, the subsequent rain that followed caused widespread flooding and damage. Meadowbrook and Logan River were two areas that felt that impact.


At Meadowbrook there was up 75mm of mud sitting on the paths as the entire course was under water. Bridges were damaged and needed to be repaired. Residents around Logan City Council also needed assistance and the Council did a fantastic job of keeping the event team informed of repairs and prioritising cleanup tasks.


So did Meadowbrook and Logan River parkrunners have 8 weeks off?


No way! A large group travelled around together, trying other parkruns in the area. Posting on the local Facebook pages allowed the sense of community to continue as groups organised which parkrun they would visit each week, patiently waiting for their home parkrun to return.



 Nicole Schultze and Lisa Boulton are happy Meadowbrook parkrun is back


And when they did return, naturally there was cake! 101 runners and walkers returned home to Meadowbrook and 201 to Logan River and everything was back to normal.




Since the launch of Logan River parkrun way back in June 2013, Logan City Council have been, without a doubt, one of the most supportive and engaged Councils in all of Australia. They have funded the launch of four events, installed permanent signage and prioritised the clean up of our Logan River and Meadowbrook courses. Thank you.

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