News, Press - 26th April 2018

junior parkrun has arrived


Last Sunday was one of THE great days in the short history of parkrun in Australia. It was the culmination of 2 years of hard work. It was the beginning of something that will have a major impact on my family and others all over the country. It was the launch of junior parkrun…




junior parkrun, as the name suggests, is like ‘normal’ parkrun, but for kids. It’s FREE (like parkrun), it’s WEEKLY (like parkrun, but on Sunday) and it’s TIMED (same barcode for both). However junior parkrun is only for 4-14-year-olds and, most importantly, it’s 2K, not the regular 5K we are all used to on Saturdays.

The junior parkrun series as we know it was established in the UK 3 years ago and pretty much since then we’ve been discussing bringing it to Australia. For the last 2 years proper our small team has been working diligently to develop policies and a framework compliant with the laws and legislation in each state and territory and the result was a magnificent launch at Southport junior parkrun on the Gold Coast.


We had 202 children participate, supported by hundreds of parents, friends and an A-Team of parkrun volunteers. It was such an enjoyable experience that my cheek muscles were still sore on Monday morning from the smiling and laughing that was had. I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered on Sunday and in particular I’d like to thank our safeguarding leads Clare Fowler (UK) and Belinda Mawhinney (AU) and Renee Gimbert, our Chief Operating Officer and now also Southport juniors Event Director for their tireless work.




We will be launching two more junior parkrun locations in the coming months; in Melbourne and the Whitsundays; as part of a 12-month pilot. After this, assuming we are happy with the results, we’ll be rolling out nationally.



Tim Oberg

parkrun Australia CEO

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