News - 6th June 2018

The A to Z of parkrun bests


Many of us strive for our PB each week at parkrun. Did you know there are other ‘bests’ you can achieve every week?


AB – best parkrun at an anniversary
BB – best post-parkrun brekky

CB – a communal best when you feel at one with your parkrun community
DB – a daily best (which in parkrun is typically a weekly best too!)
EB – best parkrun with an even pace throughout
FB – best parkrun on a flat course
GB – your fastest global parkrun
HB – best parkrun on a hilly course
IB – best interstate or international parkrun
JB – the parkrun in which you bounced around like a jack-in-the-box
KB – a knowing best when a pre-event strategy goes exactly to plan
LB – a leisurely best with an easy-paced conversational parkrun
MB –a milestone run (50th, 100th or 250th (or junior 10)) is always a ‘best’
NB – you recruit a NewBie (first timer) to parkrun
OB – best parkrun on an out-and-back course
PB – personal best
QB – a quiet best when you feel at one with your parkrunning environment
RB – best parkrun after recovery from injury or illness
SB – your best parkrun in each season – winter, summer, autumn and spring
TB – a transcendent best when your form is so good, you fly, float or glide around your favourite parkrun course
UB – an uninhibited best when running, walking or shuffling mixes with dancing, star jumps, laughing and conversation
VB – your best volunteering role
WB – your highest WMA age grading in any parkrun
XB – the time when you most eXceeded your eXpectations.
YB – fastest parkrun in a year
ZB – your fastest parkrun while zigzagging (or dressed as an animal from the zoo or the outback).


Do you have your own version?


Vin Martin and Deb Shuffler
Albert Melbourne parkrunners

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