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Photos from the week

Sunny skies everywhere making for great parkrunning and volunteering conditions this week.  Here are some of the best photos:   Whistler parkrun   Nose Hill parkrun   Whitby parkrun   parkrun Frédéric Back     Bellevue parkrun     Okanagan parkrun

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Making lifelong friends – on the track, and off

We all know that parkrun is a wonderful community for runners, walkers and volunteers alike. It gets people from all walks of life outdoors, exercising, meeting people and making firm friendships. Friends help boost our happiness and self-confidence, assist in relieving stress, help us cope with trauma and are also there to share laughs and…

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À tous les bénévoles parkrun

Chers bénévoles parkrun, MERCI!  parkrun est un succès international grâce à vous.   Peut-être faites-vous du bénévolat avec parkrun parce que : vous êtes nouveau/nouvelle dans la ville et avez pensé que faire du bénévolat avec parkrun serait une bonne façon de rencontrer des gens et vous faire de nouveaux amis;   vous êtes à la…

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Thank You Volunteers

As the Event Director of a new parkrun event, I’d like to express my gratitude to the most amazing team of volunteers at Frédéric-Back.  They are the most committed and reliable people.  They are at the park every Saturday morning, come rain or come shine with smiles and awesome spirits.   Many of our volunteers…

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Photos of the week

It was a fantatic weekend at parkruns across Canada.  Apart from a little storm in Montréal, most parkruns had fantastic conditions! Frédéric Back parkrun     Bellevue parkrun       Okanagan parkrun       Beach Strip parkrun         Richmond Olympic parkrun  

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Paver le Chemin

La semaine dernière, le PDG de parkrun, Nick Pearson, est venu en voyage au Canada avec James Kemp, le directeur des opérations de parkrun pour rencontrer l’équipe locale d’événement, et aussi pour mieux comprendre ce qu’ils ont de besoin pour supporter la demande (pour les nouveaux parkruns) et aussi pour implanter leur stratégie pour s’engager…

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What’s in a number?

From my earliest days in school, I remember being told that numbers were very important. I didn’t quite know why but I accepted this as fact.   Years later, 26.2 became an important number for me. That was the distance (in miles mind you not these new-fangled kilometres!) that I had set myself to complete…

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Paving the Way

Last week parkrun CEO Nick Pearson travelled to Canada with James Kemp, parkrun’s Global Operations Manager to meet with the local event teams and to understand more about what they need to support their growth and implement their strategy for engaging with communities and planning new events.  While Nick was in Canada, he wrote the…

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Canada Day photos

Canada Day celebrated it’s 150th birthday on Saturday and so many of you came out to join us celebrate. We set attendance records at many events and together with parkrun USA we surpassed 1,000 runners in North America on one day for the first time.  Check out our best snapshots of this historic day!   Richmond…

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Fête du Canada

Ce premier juillet souligne le 150e anniversaire du Canada. Nous sommes très chanceux que ça arrive un samedi, donc nous sommes capable de célébrer et de souligner cette journée la même journée que nous faisons parkrun.   Pour ceux qui ne savent pas, la journée du Canada est célébrée le premier juillet de chaque année soulignant…