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Overcoming Grief and Depression with parkrun

Deborah Eveniss found herself in a state of severe depression after the sudden passing of her sister. Having always been active and a runner, she found the grief incapacitating. Deb was unable to complete a run without completely breaking down into tears.   She comments, “The grief was so overwhelming that I thought I would…

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Winter Report Card

After last week’s inspiring blog about Bellevue parkrun and experiencing the harsh Winter, it felt like a good time to reflect on our second cold season here in Canada.  How have our events managed the cold? Do they do people still come and run?  Well, let’s find out…   It’s been a fairly typical season…

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Rapport d’hiver

À la suite du blog inspirant de la semaine passée à propos du parkrun de Bellevue, et après avoir expérimenté un hiver difficile, j’ai pensé qu’il serait bon que je réfléchisse à notre deuxième saison froide, ici au Canada. Comment nos événements ont passé à travers du froid? Est-ce que les gens viennent toujours participer?…

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Snapshot of the Week

This week we had everything! Celebrations, dogs, ice, snow, sun, tourists and dinosaurs.  Here are the weeks best bits:   Whitby parkrun         Clover Point parkrun         Richmond Olympic parkrun          Frédéric Back parkrun     Okanagan parkrun     Penticton parkrun   Nose Hill parkrun…

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The “little p” mentality

Most people involved with parkrun want to shout about it from the rooftops because they want everyone to know how much they like it — as an event, a community, a concept. But the culture and ethos of parkrun is more reserved and humble, reflecting the nature of its founder. parkrun is written as one…

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Bellevue parkrun, Winter Edition, Spring around the Corner!

Andy Bessell, a South African expat, with parkrun experience in Durbin, SA and London, England, choose to settle with his Canadian wife, Kaitlin in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  Andy a running enthusiast and veteran marathoner, new to the community and without a network of contacts established Bellevue parkrun, using the City’s primary recreational park…

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Le parkrun de Bellevue, édition hivernale, le printemps s’en vient!

Andy Bessell, un expatrié de l’Afrique du Sud, avec de l’expérience de parkrun à Durbin, Afrique du Sud et Londres, Angleterre, a décidé de s’établir, avec sa femme canadienne Kaithlin à Sault-Sainte-Marie, Ontario, Canada. Andy est un coureur enthousiaste et un marathonien vétéran, nouveau dans la communauté et il n’a pas de réseau de contacts….

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Snapshot of the week

Some incredible photos this week from West to East.  Check out the difference in stunning scenery as we post the best photos from last Saturday:   Clover Point parkrun                   Frederic Back parkrun             Saint-Paulin parkrun     Kanata parkrun    …

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A chain reaction

This is where our story starts, with my mum (on the left). She has always been active – a swimmer at state level and she represented Australia orienteering in her youth. After she had me, having only ever done a half marathon, she took up running again and has gone on to do eight marathons….

Two climates
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A Tale of Two Climates

As the world’s most westerly mainland parkrun, and located a 15 minute drive from YVR International Airport, at Richmond Olympic we’re one of the very few events that  can play host to a new breed of parkrunner – the Time Traveller! Nearly a year ago, we welcomed Australian Allen Bromley, who completed 2 parkruns in…