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Canada Day photos


Canada Day celebrated it’s 150th birthday on Saturday and so many of you came out to join us celebrate. We set attendance records at many events and together with parkrun USA we surpassed 1,000 runners in North America on one day for the first time.  Check out our best snapshots of this historic day!


Richmond Olympic parkrun

19679418_503685996629467_1359215684309983159_o IMG_0810 19620313_503744113290322_144311130191808442_o


Okanagan parkrun

19553856_409385186129436_6773512704501898264_n 19598909_409385222796099_253349744731329126_n 19511544_409456176122337_3010454511168653859_n


Nose Hill parkrun

19488764_1355296307857547_2539813798223605048_o 19488962_1355298084524036_5461060592970835148_o 19488599_1355298401190671_7901157621771627704_o



Beach Strip parkrun

IMG_5487 19679137_1417174838361735_794484633242214661_o 19667726_1419432664802619_3617242144346198209_o


parkrun Saint-Paulin

19598544_794835630690251_6543487554412239392_n 19554755_794835550690259_4505056297651212323_n 19599018_794835430690271_9205170928284593738_n



Bellevue parkrun


19553934_233744510469148_85892232269909602_n 19554434_233744633802469_5251243474858881387_n 19554620_233744683802464_9001696755136875814_n

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