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What’s in a number?


From my earliest days in school, I remember being told that numbers were very important. I didn’t quite know why but I accepted this as fact.


Years later, 26.2 became an important number for me. That was the distance (in miles mind you not these new-fangled kilometres!) that I had set myself to complete in my first love affair with running. For those glorious years of (relative) youth, numbers helped me track this love affair. The number of miles clocked up in a week. The times of my PBs. My finish place in a race.


But time moves on and I stopped counting and I stopped running. The numbers were a fading memory of a love of running now almost forgotten. Sometimes the numbers were a painful reminder of the milestones being passed at the speed of lightening. 30, 40, 50 and soon to be 60.


08.01.16 is a special number. It’s the date I did my first Naas parkrun. 25 is a nice round number. That’s the number of years that had passed since I had run on a regular basis. My love affair with running has been rekindled by parkrun ever since that faithful Saturday morning.


parkrun is based on numbers. 5 is the magical number (thankfully kilometres not those old-fashioned miles!) to get you around. Every Saturday that faithful email delivers another couple of magical numbers. My time for my run, my finish place and the number of parkruns I have completed. Some I have completed in physical and or mental distress. Some I have glided over the line in bliss. Some I have completed in rain, some in sunshine. But I have completed them and they keep me going to the next week, the next number.


50 is also a nice even number. Recently I completed my 50th parkrun and it was one of the most enjoyable runs I ever had. Six hours earlier, I had completed the Nass Darkness to Light run and that morning I also achieved a new PB.

What’s in a number? Everything! Here’s looking to 100.


Paul Spain
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