News - 25th July 2017

Announcing Clover Point parkrun, Victoria, BC


We are pleased to announce Canada’s tenth parkrun.  Clover Point parkrun launches on August 12th and will be the first on Vancouver Island opening the opportunities of many more communities to get involved in and learn about free, weekly, timed social events that gets thousands active and moving every weekend.


When we launched parkrun in August last year, we had a number of key sites that we were looking to get a parkrun going in, and Victoria was one of those.  Spearheaded by Victoria resident Mike Angrove, we were thrilled when he contacted us earlier this year.  The course starts and finishes at Clover Point and goes along the Dallas Road Waterfront Trail.  It is largely an out and back with a loop at the half way point.  For trivia fans, Clover Point parkrun takes the mantle from Richmond Olympic to become the most Westerly parkrun in the World!


We’ll do a bigger feature in the days up to the launch, but in the meantime you can check out the event page here, and take note that the first event starts at 8am, on the 12th August.



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