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Photos from the Weekend


We had English tourists in rural Quebec, Frédéric Back had a record attendance in Montréal, and birthday celebration at Nose Hill.  Quite a week and the weather was glorious for all.  It’s this weeks pictures:


Frédéric Back

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Beach Strip



Richmond Olympic

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Nose Hill

20232374_1375965489123962_1304006992701515118_o 20449128_1382409788479532_5339876929714065456_o 20451737_1382409721812872_246565699507109411_o


Whitby parkrun

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Okanagan parkrun

20374414_423773201357301_5526591573437590925_n 20264853_422835614784393_3138968636679144024_n 20375622_423773074690647_4907652836328453476_n

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