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Get Ready for Clover Point parkrun!


This Saturday sees the launch of Clover Point parkrun, Victoria, BC.  This parkrun is Canada’s tenth, and British Columbia’s fourth since we started in August 2016.


Victoria, the capital of BC, is located on Vancouver Island.  It is a tourist hotspot due to its history (it is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest) and it’s bustling cruise ship terminal.  The city features a thriving technology sector, and is in the top twenty for quality of life!


The area has a bustling running community, and regular runner Mike Angrove spearheaded the launch of this event.  Mike Angrove was born and raised in Victoria and first discovered parkrun at the Stones Corner parkrun in Brisbane. Subsequently he ran numerous more parkruns throughout Australia and New Zealand. Mike is very excited to no longer be a perpetual parkrun tourist and finally have a parkrun to call home.




There are many ways to get to Victoria.  There is the bus from other parts of the Island, the ferries from mainland Canada or Seattle in the states, seaplanes from nearby population centres an Vancouver, and flights from further afield, such as Toronto.


If you’re in town to do the parkrun, there are plenty of other activities you can do to fill the rest of your weekend.  Victoria is located on the coast so you can go take a whale and wildlife cruise, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving or of course take a relaxing cruise to Alaska.  If watersports is not your thing then you can visit nearby Butchart Gardens, the Royal British Columbia Museum, or even witness the World’s tallest totem pole!


August 12th will also see the practice event of upcoming Renton parkrun near Seattle.  With the four parkruns in BC and the parkrun in Renton, the Pacific Northwest is shaping up to be a healthy and happy hotspot!



Clover Point parkrun happens this Saturday at 8am.  Please see the course page for details on how to get there.




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