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All are welcome


This Saturday is international parkrun day.  It is parkrun’s birthday and is celebrated on the first Saturday of every October.  We invite you to celebrate with us!


This is the historic photo of the first parkrun, taken at event number 1 in Bushy Park, London, UK:



That day 13 people took part, and 13 years later we see hundreds of thousands of people doing the same thing weekly.


So how to celebrate?  A great way is to simply come on down and take part like a regular week.  That is the strength of parkrun in that it is regularly there every week ready for you.  If you want to test your fitness on a 5k course, catch up with a friend, meet new friends, or use it as an exercise to get out the door on Saturday morning then it is there every week.


We particularly love it when new people come to check what it is all about.  parkrun’s are famously inclusive as all abilities are welcome.  We don’t pack up until the last person is through and that will never be you as we have volunteers to take up that position.


It’s marathon season (Victoria and Kelowna host their big city marathons this weekend) so with many people travelling for their big event you may be hosting friends in your town. I encourage you to get them out on the Saturday for a shakeout so they can experience the fun of parkrun!


If you’re a regular then this weekend would be particularly good weekend as there will be buzz about parkrunday and it will be a great time to hear about stories of parkrun.


We hope to see you at your local event, and happy parkrun day!


Euan Bowman

parkrun Canada Country Manager

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