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From Whitby parkrun


Whitby parkrun has had a great 2017, and we are looking forward to even greater 2018. Here are our highlights from this year:

Two courses:

Our original course (April to July) was a 4 lap loop made up of mixed surfaces. We quickly found out that the course was prone to flooding especially with the wet weather this summer. We worked with the local council to find a more suitable route which resulted in an August move. The Waterfront Trail is a fully paved, relatively flat route. The bonus of the new course was it’s proximity to public transit. We have had tourists visit every weekend from all over the world!




Town of Whitby, Celebrating Youth Awards:
Link (http://www.whitby.ca/en/residents/resources/CMS_CelebratingYouthAwards_Program_2017_WEB.pdf)

Since 2002, the Celebrating Youth Awards have recognized Whitby youth aged 12 to 18 who have demonstrated a commitment to making Whitby a better place to live, work and play. One of this year’s award winners is a Whitby parkrun regular volunteer who can be spotted at parkrun on a Saturday morning and many other sporting events in the town. Her parkrun highlight was when she continued to attend even after breaking her foot during a soccer game! Congratulations Emma!

Local Connections:
We’ve had participants from many local running clubs including the local Running Room. While they host their own weekly runs and training programs, parkrun gives them the benefit of a race atmosphere which is difficult to replicate anywhere else on a free and weekly basis. During our downtime we’re working together to build the strong relationship and encourage participation in parkrun.

One of our volunteers created a a giant, oversized apricot shirt for the #parkrun13 celebrations. We continued to bring this out each week and it proved popular with tourists looking for a souvenir selfie. In 2018 we plans are underway for something different, something fun, and something tourists will absolutely love!

Whitby parkrun on tour:
As much as we welcome tourists, it’s great to see our regulars being tourists in far off places. So far we’ve had reports back from Wales, and South Africa! Looking forward to seeing where else our tourists end up!



New Year’s Day:
There has been substantial interest in hosting a New Year’s Day run, including interest from tourists as far away as Australia and England! We’re working to making this happen, so stay tuned. It would be great the start 2018 off on the right (and left) foot!

Winter Break:
With limited permits available we are taking a quick break but we hope to be back as of New Year’s Day. Stay tuned for info!



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