News - 29th November 2017

The first 16 events

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Since its launch on August 12th, Clover Point parkrun in Victoria, BC has had 16 events. Therefore, it’s time to provide a short update on our quarterly progress thus far!
Our most number of parkrunners coincides with the launch of our event at 47 runners. Over the rest of the summer we managed between 25-35 runners at each event. Numbers have since decreased a bit, likely due to the competition with big fall races, transitioning to the tourist off-season, and poor weather.


On the topic of poor weather, instead of the extreme cold and snow that other Canadian parkruns experience, we get rain and wind. On October 21st we had a wind warning with gusts up to 90km/hour! And while we were unable to put out our kilometre markers due to the likely scenario that they would be blown into the ocean, we still had 14 extraordinarily brave parkrunners battle the wind to complete the run.


A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers on that day and everyday, as without the volunteers parkrun would not be possible. We have established a solid core group who show up to support the runners and keep the event running smoothly. I am confident that after our 25th event parkrun will receive a number of requests for the volunteer milestone t-shirt from our core group that comes out each week!


Clover Point parkrun has an early 8am start, due to the fact that we run through an off-leash dog park that only gets busier later in the day. On a personal note, it can be difficult waking up at 6am on a Saturday such that the course is set up by 730. But even if we never get the big numbers like Britain, Australia, or South Africa – even when we only have 10 people out – it is still worth waking up at 6am every Saturday to see people starting their weekends out by being active, to see people achieving times they never thought they’d hit, and to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when they cross the finish line.


Looking to the future we are hopeful that Clover Point parkrun can further break into the Victoria running scene. On December 16th we will be providing pacers for a number of the “big” milestones (sub-20, sub-25, and sub-30 to name a few), and we hope to see a large number of PBs that day. Once winter is over and the weather gets warmer we hope to catch the runners coming out of hibernation and invite them to be a part of the parkrun family. And of course, we invite all of you reading this to come out and enjoy our stunning course located right on the edge of the ocean.




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