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Special Christmas and New Year’s Day Runs


Each year during the festive holidays some of our events opt to hold special one-off events on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, even if they are not on a Saturday.  It’s been a tradition across the globe since the inception of parkrun, and people often have their fondest memories of parkrun on these special events.  This will be the first time we do this in Canada, and we welcome you down!


Below is the current most up to date round up of events holding special events:


Christmas Day:

Okanagan parkrun

Beach Strip parkrun


New Year’s Day:

Okanagan parkrun

Richmond Olympic parkrun
Whitby parkrun
Kanata parkrun

Nose Hill parkrun


We’ll keep you updated as we go through December, but you should check your local parkrun’s event and facebook page for the most up to date information.

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