News - 24th January 2018

My reasons for parkrunning


Hello my fellow parkrunners, parkrun is a gift whether you’re in it to just walk and be active, to learn to run again, or you have a belief system that tells you that someday you’ll be one of the fastest at your local run.


We are a combination of bodies with different backgrounds and goals; yet we have all decided that we are going to do this thing called parkrun. I applaud you all every time you set out the door, and drag yourself to the gym or parkrun. We as a population have gotten more and more inactive, and parkrun I hope has helped change that for your community.


That said, my reasons for parkrun are like water for a fish, it has become such a part of my makeup with our Saturday morning ritual of parkrun I feel I would be unable to breathe after all for me I have been to all 82 weekends here in the Okanagan and can only see missing it if I’m at a race that conflicts with parkrun.


Now, after 45 years of running and racing, I have experienced running every distance from 400 meters to the marathon, and beyond including several 100 mile efforts. I have now made few tweaks to my training and philosophy on running – this is where parkrun has helped.


You see parkrun is about family! Not about pain or thresholds, or suffering, it’s about the enjoyment to come together and participate, inspire, and learn. That it does very well.


At parkrun no one cares how fast you are running nor does the pain seem quite as intense as you approach your family at the finish line and scanning table. You see for me everyone on every weekend seems like a family member and your family does not judge your performance, they just hug and congratulate you on your run.


While I do enjoy running as fast as I can, I really enjoy parkrun for the family and friends! If you’re looking for a PB then that is awesome but just turning up to see family and friends is equally as beneficial.


Bill Justus

Okanagan parkrun Event Director

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