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What Winter looks like with parkrun Canada


This weekend was fairly typical wintery weekend across Canada.  It was cold in the East, with temperatures around -15C in most places and in the West there has been a lot of rain and with temperatures near freezing.  A lot of parkruns have snow on the ground and wearing warm clothing to run is essential.  At other parkruns the threat of grey skies and persistent rain is a reality.  We had one cancellation because temperatures were down near -30C.  However all is not so grim.


On a typical weekend such as this, how are Canadian parkruns affected?  We love to show you every week in this section that outside of freak-ish storms it is business as usual.  Canadians come out and brush off the typical winter conditions because it’s not a big enough obstacle to stop them getting out on a Saturday morning to run, chat, volunteer and socialise.


So people you see running in the photos above don’t have some sort of magic resistance to the cold.  They are just regular people like you and me!


Let us show you event by event how it went down:


Bellevue parkrun 


 At Bellevue parkrun, the temperatures were at the lower end, but we still at people coming out and getting their 5K done.



 The paths and the city of Sault-Ste Marie look great in the snow!

Beach Strip parkrun


 At Beach Strip, we have a fine example of a great team of volunteers!  Our volunteers work hard each week to make the course as well marked and as safe as they can for you each Saturday.



Despite the cold temperatures, Chris and Jacquie achieved PBs!

Kanata parkrun


 Kanata parkrun at ‘The Pond’ is gorgeous in the Winter



 Kanata parkrun too had a great turnout for the 5k.


Richmond Olympic parkrun


The west coast has had a LOT of rain in the past month, and the break in the rain was very welcome to the crowd of parkrunners who came out on Saturday morning to join us on the Richmond Dike trail.



 More parkrunners and walking at the back enjoying the morning!


Whitby parkrun


Whitby parkrun is another great example of typical Wintery conditions, but still absolutely perfect for getting out!


The finish line is still home to lots of smiles!


Okanagan parkrun


 Okanagan parkrun hosts a fantastic community and get a great crowd out each week.



The ‘Rails and Trails’ path is great for parkrun!


Penticton parkrun


 And finally Penticton parkrun, where the Peach in it’s different guises is always ready to welcome and entertain our runners, walkers, and volunteers!



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