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Introducing: the pups of Kanata parkrun

Mickey cropped

One of the questions we often get asked is, ‘Can I bring my dog to parkrun?’  We’re lucky at Kanata as we are able to welcome our four-legged friends.  In fact, the local dog walkers are the reason we can use our route year round.  They happily pack down the route without realising their contribution to our parkrun!




Whisky Jack
We have several ‘regulars’ at parkrun – Whisky Jack, the rambunctious husky and Disney, the dedicated lab are all weather participants. Joy and Gellie are fairer weather pooches and will be back in the spring.

Lately, we’ve had ‘Bella’ our pDIT (parkrun dog in training). We’ve watched her grow from a frisky 16 week old pup to a very energetic six month old. Every week she gets bigger. Last week she was a source of great amusement to those of us at the finish line. She decided that ‘nature was calling’ about 200m from the end of the course. She pulled up abruptly causing her co-parkrunner, Christian to stop abruptly and allowing fellow parkrunner, Andy to sneak past them. A bit more training and mentoring from Disney and Whisky Jack is needed, I think!

This week we were introduced to Mickey. He’s only 12 weeks old. He and was allowed out of the car at the end once Disney was finished.

Will he be our next parkrun pup? You’ll have to wait until our next blog to find out!


Happy parkrunning!


By Linda Newton, Event Director – Kanata parkrun

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