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A new parkrun for Mississauga


Introducing Meadowvale parkrun!


Meadowvale parkrun commences on March 24th and will take place around Lake Aquataine Park, Mississauga, ON.  This event will be headed by Lawrence Jeffery and his team of dedicated volunteers.  We will follow up in a few weeks before the launch for a profile of the event.


In the meantime, check out all the event details here.



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C’est une affaire de famille

Le parkrun de Victoria à Kitchener, Ontario, a célébré son 25e parkrun la fin de semaine dernière, et il continue d’accueillir de nouveaux visages! Les bases de notre parkrun ont toujours été et continuent d’être deux familles qui participent chaque semaine et font de parkrun une partie de leur rituel familial hebdomadaire – la famille Mabifa…


It’s a family affair

Victoria parkrun in Kitchener, Ontario celebrated its 25th parkrun this last weekend and is continuing to welcome new faces – but today we meet a couple of families who have made parkrun part of their weekly routine.   Mainstays of our parkrun have been, and continue to be, two families who participate every week and…