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Beach Strip to Celebrate First Anniversary


This week see’s the first anniversary of Beach Strip parkrun, and what a year it has been!  This event has seen a lot already - a storm on the first day, Canada Day celebrations, freezing winters, roasting summers, numerous tourists, and inspiring stories.  Here’s our pics of the events ‘best bits’ from the first year:


The clouds were excited too for the start of our first parkrun in Ontario West of Toronto, and joined 21 intrepid pioneers as they lined up to take part.  While it was a wet start, everyone was delighted for the launch!






Beach Strip was an instant success attracting both the local community and delighted tourists who were in town to visit.  Attendances stayed healthy through the Spring




Summer brought along Canada Day and Beach Strip celebrated in style. It was great to see a see of red, white, (and apricot!!)



[pic cake]

In the Summer the event really established itself as a staple for people to come get their weekly 5km along the Waterfront Trail.




And of course Winter came and went, but Beach strip carried on regardless thanks to the path being maintained and the volunteers helping sometimes in very tough conditions.







2 weeks ago the trail was damaged by a storm and today the course is operating on an alternate course.  That won’t dampen celebrations however so if you’re coming down this Saturday you will be able to soak up the party atmosphere.


Congratulations to the Beach Strip team to have out on a year of fantastic events.  Here’s to another year, and many more!

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