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Kitchener and Oakville get new parkruns in June


We have two new Canadian parkruns to announce in June, welcome Victoria parkrun, Kitchener, and River Oaks parkrun!


We’re delighted to have the parkrun family grow, and are super excited about these two new events.  Both located in Ontario, we have Victoria parkrun, Kitchener launching on 16th June, with River Oaks following 1 week later on June 23rd.



We’ll feature a profile on each parkrun in the coming weeks, but Victoria parkrun, Kitchener is headed by super enthusiastic parkrun Julia Heyens.  Julia first experienced parkrun running with family in the UK, and upon return to Canada was very determined to get it going here.


Details for Victoria parkrun can be found here: www.parkrun.ca/victoriakitchener/


The course is three laps around Victoria Park on paved multi-use pathway, starting outside the Boathouse restaurant, across the bridge at the far west end of the park, then along the south side of the lake and rounding the bend for the next lap. The final lap crosses the bridge onto Victoria Park island where the run concludes near the gazebo.





A week later, approximately 75km down the highway we have River Oaks parkrun in Oakville.  The website isn’t quite set-up yet but we’ll have information to share as it’s ready.  The course does start and finish at RIver Oaks Community Centre and the local team are thrilled to have a new parkrun local to them.


If you’re new to parkrun and want to check out either of these parkruns, you should register and print of your barcode at www.parkrun.ca/register.  If you have done a parkrun before, then these two new parkruns are no different to what you normally do.  Just show up with your barcode!

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