News - 26th June 2018

A jubilant, albeit wet start to River Oaks!


River Oaks parkrun, Oakville got of to a great start, but like much of the parkruns in the East, they got some serious weather!


With umbrellas, wet clothes, and muddy fields, the parkrunners got ready regardless to be part of history.




Once going there was much fun to be had!  The course is a mix of paved and limestone paths around River Oaks path, and fared well in the weather.




Co Event Director Joanne Lozier celebrated her 25th volunteering event. Well done Joanne! When asked how the event went, Joanne replied:


What did we learn? I think one point was that our route is perhaps not as straight-forward as it seems. After learning that a couple of runners went off course, we discussed using the cones differently, to clearly direct traffic. It wasn’t a huge issue, but it was valuable feedback.


Other than that, I think things went very well, weather considered. Chris is extremely organized, which has been a huge asset. Before I have even had a chance to suggest some things, he’s already got them in hand! All in all, a very successful first run.”


Chris Thatcher, River Oaks co-Event Director, was very pleased with the way it went, and he notes that it proved that the event can handle the rain. He was particularly proud of the way the event team pulled together in tough conditions.





Despite the rain it was a great event, with many tourists making the journey to be part of the event. We think it will be much drier next week!

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