News - 19th September 2018

Frédéric Back parkrun – Montrealer’s point of view


This week we have two stories, both from Frederic parkrun regulars and they give us their perspective.  The parkrun has been going for well over a year and has gained a great community behind it.


Billel R


One day I saw a notice in my newsfeed about a weekly 5k run that was close to where I lived . My first parkrun was August 12, 2017, on a hot summer day. It was love at first sight! Yes, I quickly became an addict!


parkrun is a great way for me to meet people, to run alongside new friends, and to improve my life without being too hard on myself. I appreciate that at parkrun there are motivated volunteers, always smiling and always available, even in winter! For me, parkrun is more than just an activity, it’s a lifestyle! Today, I’m at my 46th run in less than 13 months! Ha! Yes! It won’t be much longer until my dream comes true. After 14 months, I will receive my own parkrun 50 t-shirt in parkrun Canada red!


I’m really proud to be part of Frédéric Back parkrun! I want to thank all those who have allowed me to live this unforgettable experience which will remain forever etched in my past, present and future.


Nicolas H


parkrun Frédéric Back has been part of my training for about a year now. I am a regular runner who completes about 65km a week. This weekly event allows me to evaluate the evolution of my fitness through the timed course. I also take advantage of parkrun to prepare for my half marathon races with Tempo training. I do a 5km warm up before the run starts, followed by a 5km fast run (the parkrun with everyone) and a 5km recovery run. I improved my half marathon time over the distance by almost 3 minutes!


I am grateful to parkrun for the opportunity to work on my run goals, but it is the people that keep me coming back.

Get yourself up on Saturday mornings to take advantage of the conviviality of these events at the park. It doesn’t matter if you run fast or walk slow we’ll see each other afterward for a coffee or tea.


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