News - 3rd October 2018

Welcome to the family Duffins Trail parkrun, ON!


New parkrun alert!


Duffins Trail, Ajax, Ontario is set to have their first parkrun this Saturday. The parkrun course itself runs along the beautiful Duffins Creek, and forms a tiny part of The Great Trail – formerly known as Trans-Canada Trail – which is the longest recreational, multi-use trail network in the world! The trail is made up of 24,000 Kms of greenways, waterways and roadways that stretches across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific & to the Arctic oceans. But don’t worry, this parkrun is a 5km run just like all the others.

The Start / Finish line is located at the bottom of Pickering Village, a quaint strip of heritage buildings along the Town of Ajax’s only historic main street, Old Kingston Rd, which also boasts a variety of stores where I expect many post-run coffees, ice-creams and conversations to take place!


Here is a little bit about the ED of Duffins Trail parkrun, Vic Stander:

I actually cannot remember how I found parkrun, so I must conclude that parkrun found me! I never could have imagined I’d be part of starting a parkrun in Canada. My family and I used to join a few parkruns in and around our neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa (both to earn points on our health insurance plan, and to get myself back into the sport after a long hiatus since high school). But it was only since moving to Canada that I realized I loved the philosophy of parkrun as much as I missed participating in it. There are obviously numerous benefits that parkrun brings to a neighbourhood, but let me just highlight one that is “close to home”. As an expatriate, I understand the challenge of making friends in a foreign land and I believe that parkrun is a great way to help forge community, especially where there are high concentrations of landed immigrants as is the case in my city.


If you live in the area, make sure to check out Duffins Trail parkrun this Saturday. Hope to see you there!


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