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Canadian celebrity at Whitby


One of the wonderful things about parkrun is that you never know who you are going to meet at your local parkrun.  

parkrun is fantastic for meeting people you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. Be it someone in a different industry to you, different area of town, completely different hobbies, and now with international parkrun tourism we hear of old friends bumping into each other who haven’t seen each other in over 20 years!


At Whitby parkrun, we have a regular Canadian celebrity.  Many may have heard of the famous English footballer Bobby Moore, but did you know Canada has it’s own as well?


Robert Moore has become a regular fixture this year at Whitby parkrun. Forty-eight years ago he was quite well known as an athlete of international standard on the roads, cross country and track!


His impressive resume includes wearing the maple leaf during the World Cross Country Championships, Commonwealth Games, and even finished 5th in the Boston Marathon in 1969!


He views parkrun as an event for anyone who would like to know their fitness level, while being social with a friendly group of runners across a wide spectrum of skill. He encourages all former elite athletes to give parkrun a try and to enjoy running as it once was, and how it should be. For ‘Bobby’ it’s not a case of ‘Use it or lose it’, but as he says with a wink and smile ”  Already lost it, still use it!”


If you are down at Whitby parkrun and bump in to Bobby, he’d be delighted to chat!

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