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Welcome to the ‘Corn Capital of Canada’!

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parkrun is coming to the Corn Capital of Canada – Taber, AB! Co-Event Directors James and Jodi told us how Trout Pond parkrun is their way to give back, promote healthy living, and their hopes to touch the lives of their small but friendly community!


“Jodi and I have both followed a healthy lifestyle for a while now. We met playing soccer, and we really love being active, even more so when it’s outside. We have been involved in sports since early childhood and we completed our first triathlon together in August 2018, and plan to do more in the future.


We encourage our children to make healthy choices too, by keeping them active in swimming, soccer, kickboxing and running, and also trying to involve them in our own health and wellness experiences. We love to travel and experience new places together and create our own adventures, including trips to England and Las Vegas.


Family pic


It was on a trip to England in June 2018 that we tried our first parkrun in Shrewsbury, where James is originally from. We thought it was such a great idea, to get people out and active, and to have the capability of timing and monitoring your results on-line is brilliant. We wasted no time, and within two weeks of returning to Canada, we got the ball rolling to implement a parkrun in the small Alberta town of Taber, our hometown!


Now here we are, with the inaugural event fast approaching. The big day is Saturday October 27th at 9am! We’re both so excited for this, as it’s going to be great for our community. We want parkrun to touch as many lives as possible, and promote not just running, but a healthy active lifestyle too. The Taber community have been excellent to myself, Jodi and our children, and we feel this is one of the ways we can show our gratitude in giving back.


Taber is famous for its corn due to the large amounts of sunshine the area receives. It is therefore known as the Corn Capital of Canada and holds an annual “Cornfest” in the last week of August. We are a small town, just shy of 8.5k people, but we have a huge heart. Come join us one of these Saturday’s and then for the post event gathering at Loft on 50th. See you soon!”


James & Jodi, co-Event Directors, Trout Pond parkrun


Trout Pond parkrun will have a winter and a summer route. Here are some snaps of Trout Pond, the summer route, to whet your appetite!




Trout Pond summer


Trout Pond Summer 2


In winter, the route relocates to start and finish at the Aquafun Centre:


Image-4 (2)


Winter route

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