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Aux nouveaux et futurs directeurs d’événements parkrun

Cher nouveau directeur d’événement parkrun,   Tu travailles fort.  Très fort.  Tu as trouvé l’endroit parfait pour une parkrun.  Tu as appliqué et tu as reçu ton permis des autorités locales.  Tu as miraculeusement trouvé l’argent et c’était comme trouver un pot d’or au bout d’un arc-en-ciel.  Pendant tout ce temps, tu t’es souvent senti…

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To the New and Future parkrun Event Directors

Dear new parkrun Event Director,   You work hard.  Really hard.  You have found a location.  You have applied for and finally received your permit from local authorities.  You have miraculously found the money, and it was like finding a pot of gold at the bottom of a rainbow. Through all this, you have often…

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Announcing Clover Point parkrun, Victoria, BC

We are please to announce Canada’s tenth parkrun.  Clover Point parkrun launches on August 12th and will be the first on Vancouver Island opening the opportunities of many more communities to get involved in and learn about free, weekly, timed social events that gets thousands active and moving every weekend.   When we launched parkrun in…

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parkrun Supports New Events

This week as we are focussing on new events, it is a good time to look at the process of starting a new event and give a brief overview of what happens from contacting us to the lead up to launch day.   So you have heard of parkrun and you’ve been to an event…

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Photos of the week

Summer continues which brings great conditions yet again across the country.  Locals and tourists unite and share times and stories on Saturday mornings.  Here are the best photos from Saturday:   Whistler   Beach Strip   Frédéric Back   Saint-Paulin   Okanagan   Whitby   Nose Hill   Richmond Olympic

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Nouveau au Canada

À la suite de l’article à propos de voyager à travers l’ouest Canadien et de faire un  différent parkrun chaque semaine, il nous a semblé une belle opportunité de demander un compte-rendu à un couple qui était dans le processus de suivre un chemin semblable. Je vous présente deux de nos nouvelles recrues de parkrun Canada Paul et Louise.  …

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New to Canada

Following on from our parkrockies article, where you can now do a three week roadtrip through the rockies and not miss out on your weekly parkrun fix, it seemed a good opportunity to get feedback from a couple who were in the process of following a similar route……introducing two of the latest Canadian parkrunners Paul…

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Photos from the week

Sunny skies everywhere making for great parkrunning and volunteering conditions this week.  Here are some of the best photos:   Whistler parkrun   Nose Hill parkrun   Whitby parkrun   parkrun Frédéric Back     Bellevue parkrun     Okanagan parkrun

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Making lifelong friends – on the track, and off

We all know that parkrun is a wonderful community for runners, walkers and volunteers alike. It gets people from all walks of life outdoors, exercising, meeting people and making firm friendships. Friends help boost our happiness and self-confidence, assist in relieving stress, help us cope with trauma and are also there to share laughs and…

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À tous les bénévoles parkrun

Chers bénévoles parkrun, MERCI!  parkrun est un succès international grâce à vous.   Peut-être faites-vous du bénévolat avec parkrun parce que : vous êtes nouveau/nouvelle dans la ville et avez pensé que faire du bénévolat avec parkrun serait une bonne façon de rencontrer des gens et vous faire de nouveaux amis;   vous êtes à la…

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