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Sault Saint-Marie in focus…

This week’s blog is written by Andy Bessell run director of Bellevue parkrun. He tell us a little bit of his story about becoming a run director and we have some comments from those who have taken part….   It was a pleasure to write this blog, as run director of parkrun, Bellevue Park, Sault,…

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Sault Sainte-Marie au point

Le blog de semaines est écrit par Andy Bessell, directeur de course du parkrun de Bellevue. Il nous parle un peu de son histoire pour devenir un directeur de course et nous avons aussi quelques commentaires de ceux qui ont pris part…    Ce fut un plaisir d’écrire ce blog, en tant que directeur de…

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Great opportunities

This story provides a real inspirational example of how parkrun can bring so many benefits, we hope you enjoy it…. My eight-year-old daughter Sophie has Williams Syndrome (WS), a genetic condition that around one in 40,000 children are born with.   People who have WS can have a range of symptoms, but typically have heart…

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Kanata parkrun

It’s been quite the month for celebration.  Okanagan and Nose Hill parkrun with parkrun Canada turned one year old, and to top off the summer we are excited with the launch of our eleventh event – Kanata parkrun, Ottawa.   Linda Newton and her husband Keith Laughton have volunteered in every parkrun role except run…

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parkrun Kanata

Ça été tout un mois de célébration. Les parkruns d’Okanagan et de Nose Hill, avec parkrun Canada ont eu un an et pour couronner le tout cet l’été, nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer le lancement de notre onzième événement – le parkrun de Kanata, Ottawa.   Linda Newton et son mari Keith Laughton…

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Feedback from the field

We hear so many amazing and inspiring stories and a lot of participants leave us some fantastic feedback on their experience at parkrun.  Here is a round-up of some of the mentions we’ve heard recently:   on Clover Point parkrun:   A lovely parkrun, friendly and along the waterside, I really enjoyed it … Mike…

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Tout doit commencer par le début

Depuis le début de notre parkrun à Saint-Paulin, j’ai vu toute sorte de progrès. J’ai même vu deux hommes vivrent leur premier demi-Ironman. Nous sommes un beau petit village, et grâce à parkrun nous sommes devenus bien plus qu’un groupe qui se rencontre chaque samedi, nous sommes devenus des amis. Nous avons été plusieurs semaines…

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Everything must start with a beginning

Since the beginning of our parkrun in Saint-Paulin, I have seen all kinds of progress.  I even saw two men complete their first half Ironman. We are a beautiful little village, and thanks to parkrun we have become much more than a group that meets every Saturday, we have become friends. We were light on volunteers for…

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A year at Nose Hill in pictures

Nose Hill parkrun celebrated one year on Saturday, and if you haven’t experienced the amazing course (with the not so amazing last hill), then you may have instead enjoyed the fantastic pictures that have come from the event over the year.  We’ve been plastering these on our social media, but here are some of the…

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Perspectives From The Beach Strip parkrun Director

Next Saturday I am directing our 16th event at the Beach Strip parkrun. I am in awe of the support we have received from the local running community, the willingness of people to step up and volunteer when the call goes out, the parkrun tourists who have shown up each week and shared their stories,…

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