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successful parkrun
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Have you ever wondered why parkrun is so successful?

Each week, throughout the world, runners and walkers gather on a Saturday morning at a parkrun event to run or walk 5 km. Many ‘parkrunners’ have become firmly committed to attending each week. These parkrunners have progressed from initially becoming aware of the weekly event to professing allegiance and even feeling a bit ‘odd’ if…

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What’s your excuse?

The phrase I hear most when I tell other runners about parkrun is “I’d love to attend, but I’m training for ____”. The blank could be anything from another 5k or an ultramarathon. And that’s great and completely understandable!   But what I’d like to talk about is using parkrun as part of your training……

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C’est quoi votre excuse?

La phrase que j’entends le plus quand je parle avec quelqu’un de parkrun c’est: “J’aimerais bien y aller, mais je m’entraine pour ____”. La ligne peut être pluisieurs choses, un autre 5k ou un ultramarathon. Et c’est correct et je comprends! Mais j’aimerais parler de parkrun comme une partie de ton entrainement, plutôt qu’une course…

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Canadian parkrunners this week

The Olympic spirit is in the air. Canadian parkrunners all across our beautiful country got together to enjoy a nice Saturday outside with family and friends. Some with snow, some without. Special mention to Sophie at Frederick Back parkrun, who celebrated a big milestone: her 50th parkrun! Congratulations!    

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Participation, not pace, is what’s important

As an NHS physiotherapist I find that many of my patients are aware they need to do more physical activity, even before I have given them any advice. What they want to know is how, despite the pain in their leg, despite the weight they’ve put on or despite them getting out of breath on…

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Participer, c’est ça qui est important!

Comme physiotherapeute je trouve que la plupart de mes patients savent qu’ils doivent faire de l’activité physique, même avant que je leur dise. Mais ce qu’ils veulent savoir c’est comment, malgré le douleur dans la jambe, malgré le poids qu’ils ont augmenté ou malgré qu’ils leur manque de l’air dans la premier côte qu’ils croissent….

hi vis run
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A Hi-Viz view of parkrun

I didn’t start volunteering with parkrun until I joined the core team at Whitby parkrun. As much as I enjoy taking part in the 5km run, there is much satisfaction to be had in helping to setup the run as well. I wish I had volunteered sooner. Here’s a view behind the scenes…   Before…

hi vis wave
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Une vision de parkrun avec la veste des bénévoles

Je n’avais pas commencé à faire du bénévolat pour parkrun jusqu’à ce que je décide de joindre l’équipe principale au parkrun de Whitby. Autant que j’aime prendre place pour le 5 km, j’ai trouvé tellement plus de satisfaction à aider à préparer le tout. J’aurais aimé être bénévole avant ça. Voici la vue derrière la…

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What Winter looks like with parkrun Canada

This weekend was fairly typical wintery weekend across Canada.  It was cold in the East, with temperatures around -15C in most places and in the West there has been a lot of rain and with temperatures near freezing.  A lot of parkruns have snow on the ground and wearing warm clothing to run is essential.  At other parkruns…

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Grateful just to run

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family in which exercise, and particularly running, were encouraged. Jogging has therefore always been deeply important to my mental and physical wellbeing for as long as I can remember, and my adventures by trainer have taken me to half-marathons in Paris, the Masai Mara in Kenya…

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