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Finding Motivation to Run

You manage to consistently come to parkrun (almost) every week?  Well done!  Do you struggle to find the motivation to run during the week, in between your parkruns, especially at this time of year, when the sun rises later and sets earlier, and when temperatures are getting colder?  You’re not the only one.   Claire…

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Sault Saint-Marie in focus…

This week’s blog is written by Andy Bessell run director of Bellevue parkrun. He tell us a little bit of his story about becoming a run director and we have some comments from those who have taken part….   It was a pleasure to write this blog, as run director of parkrun, Bellevue Park, Sault,…

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Great opportunities

This story provides a real inspirational example of how parkrun can bring so many benefits, we hope you enjoy it…. My eight-year-old daughter Sophie has Williams Syndrome (WS), a genetic condition that around one in 40,000 children are born with.   People who have WS can have a range of symptoms, but typically have heart…

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Announcing Clover Point parkrun, Victoria, BC

We are pleased to announce Canada’s tenth parkrun.  Clover Point parkrun launches on August 12th and will be the first on Vancouver Island opening the opportunities of many more communities to get involved in and learn about free, weekly, timed social events that gets thousands active and moving every weekend.   When we launched parkrun in…

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New to Canada

Following on from our parkrockies article, where you can now do a three week roadtrip through the rockies and not miss out on your weekly parkrun fix, it seemed a good opportunity to get feedback from a couple who were in the process of following a similar route……introducing two of the latest Canadian parkrunners Paul…

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Thank You Volunteers

As the Event Director of a new parkrun event, I’d like to express my gratitude to the most amazing team of volunteers at Frédéric-Back.  They are the most committed and reliable people.  They are at the park every Saturday morning, come rain or come shine with smiles and awesome spirits.   Many of our volunteers…

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parkrun of the month – Okanagan

parkrun has over 1,100 events in 14 different countries worldwide and has new additions every week.  Despite some people trying, it is impossible to visit every parkrun! So to capture some of that adventurous spirit every month or so we feature a parkrun from around the World and tell you of its quirks and which…

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Milestone t-shirt update

The latest batch of milestone t-shirts is nearly with us. We know some of you have been waiting a while to receive yours, so we wanted to let you know how the process will work.   Around 23,000 new milestone t-shirts will arrive in port later this week. They need to clear customs and be…

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A day in the life of… The finish token volunteer

A monthly segment on the various volunteer roles, we start with the volunteer(s) who diligently stands at the end of the run handing out the all-important finishing tokens.   The number token volunteer is one of the mandatory roles we need to stage an event.  This volunteer can’t both run and volunteer on the same…

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Festive plans

Believe it or not, Christmas is a mere five weeks away.  I had to bring it up sooner or later so it may as well be now…sorry.   Fear not however, as Christmas and parkrun traditionally go very well together!  I’m not sure when it started as its been happening for as long as I’ve…

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