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Metro Vancouver Experiences it’s First parkrun

On Saturday I volunteered at a parkrun event for the first time in almost five years – largely due to the lack of parkruns being in Canada since I moved here but it’s not something I like to boast about.  Needless to say I was overjoyed to jump back in with the launch of Richmond Olympic…

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Autumn Dazzles, and here we go Richmond

Here’s a quick round up of the latest happenings from parkrun Canada this week:   -       Nose Hill parkrun had some fantastic weather, a break from the winter-like weather they’ve had recently.  Once again the Rocky Mountains were in view making an absolute stunning course to run.   -       Nose Hill had a special visitor…

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parkrun Tourism

With Richmond Olympic parkrun not launching until Saturday 29th October, not a single runner has set foot over the start line yet – but this week we have already welcomed our very first parkrun tourist!    Avid parkrun enthusiast Chris Visser is in Vancouver on business, and got in touch to tell me how devastated…

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Excelling at Winter

One thing we do very well here in Canada is Winter.  We excel at it.   We regularly trade places with Russia as the coldest country on earth, with an average daily temperature of -5.6°C.  In Ottawa I love the fact that many people ice skate to work along the Rideau canal, and since 1998…

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Richmond Dummy parkrun a Success!

Last Saturday saw our ‘practice’ run along the Dike in Richmond.  This was kept very low key as the practice events are treated as dress rehearsals with a full complement of volunteers, but only a few runners.   The purpose of a dummy run is for the local volunteers to test and get familiar with…

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Fast Eddy checks out Okanagan parkrun

A man running across Canada and back again takes part in Okanagan parkrun and volunteers at the BMO Marathon.   I was very inspired to hear when Bill Justus, the Event Director at Okangan parkrun, told me that ‘Fast Eddy’ popped by Okanagan parkrun as part of his adventure of running across Canada and back….

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Announcing Richmond Olympic parkrun

We have a new parkrun to add to the family, and the first to the Greater Vancouver Area.   parkrun Canada has been in the making for four years, and all the time it has been our aim to establish a parkrun here in the Lower Mainland.  This area has so much to offer in terms…

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just do it anyway!

Welcome to this week’s parkrun Canada newsletter.   I am privileged to be the Event Director of the new parkrun in Calgary at Nose Hill Park and thought I would share some memories of my earlier parkrun days in the UK with you all. I started off by running in my local event in Southampton, trying to beat…

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parkrun is a joy

Welcome to this week’s parkrun Canada newsletter. I’m going to explain why it is such a joy to take part and volunteer at parkrun!     People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, and particularly to help others. But it’s also okay to want some benefit yourself from volunteering.   Some people are uncomfortable with the notion that a volunteer…

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