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Avantages cachés d’être actif

J’ai  lu dans les nouvelles cette semaine que les médecins prescrivent parkrun à leurs patients au Royaume-Uni. Il semble que de pratiquer un exercice ou une activité régulièrement est ce qu’il vous faut… Qui aurait cru?!   En étant physiothérapeute, je suis constamment à encourager mes patients à être actifs et de les aider à…

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Frédéric Back parkrun celebrate their first anniversary

Frédéric Back celebrated it’s first anniversary last week and I’m pleased to say they celebrated in style!   Here are some of the highlights from the day:         There is a fantastic community at Frédéric Back parkrun. It’s been fun watching it grow over the past year, and we’re thrilled to see…

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A jubilant, albeit wet start to River Oaks!

River Oaks parkrun, Oakville got of to a great start, but like much of the parkruns in the East, they got some serious weather!   With umbrellas, wet clothes, and muddy fields, the parkrunners got ready regardless to be part of history.     Once going there was much fun to be had!  The course…

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Hidden benefits of keeping active

I read in the news this week that doctors were prescribing parkrun to their patients in the UK. It seems regular exercise/activity is good for you….who knew?!    As a physiotherapist myself, I am constantly encouraging my patients to be active and work to enable them to do so. I also try and practice what…

Why we parkrun 2
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Why we parkrun

It’s been a long week, you may have even had a late night on Friday, but the weekend is finally here. Bliss! Bliss, that is, until you’re rudely awakened by an early morning alarm. ON A SATURDAY?! I’m sure I’m not alone in my occasional Saturday morning desire to throw the alarm across the room,…

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What’s your excuse?

The phrase I hear most when I tell other runners about parkrun is “I’d love to attend, but I’m training for ____”. The blank could be anything from another 5k or an ultramarathon. And that’s great and completely understandable!   But what I’d like to talk about is using parkrun as part of your training……

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My reasons for parkrunning

Hello my fellow parkrunners, parkrun is a gift whether you’re in it to just walk and be active, to learn to run again, or you have a belief system that tells you that someday you’ll be one of the fastest at your local run.   We are a combination of bodies with different backgrounds and…
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It was never really about the run

When Paul Sinton-Hewitt created parkrun back in 2004 he thought he was developing a running time-trial that would enable keen runners to measure their ‘progress’ and get faster. In reality, he was building a stunningly-effective yet wonderfully-simple health-and-happiness intervention, with himself as the first targeted recipient.   For a few years Bushy parkrun rolled along…

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The 2017 parkrun year review

2017 has been the most transformational year in the history of parkrun around the world.   We started more events in a single year than ever before. Registrations passed four million, we recorded one million performances at a parkrun in a calendar month for the first time, and Namibia, Swaziland, Norway, Finland and Germany all…

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Christmas at parkrun

The holidays are traditionally an occasion when people come together to spend time with friends and family. Sadly, we know that too many people will spend the festive period alone this year.   parkrun has always been about bringing people together from all walks of life, and at this time of year we all have an opportunity…

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