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Nos bénévoles, notre parc…un merci à tous les deux

Nous avons été bénis avec l’une des équipes de bénévoles les plus dévoués au parkrun Frédéric Back. La chose la plus incroyable est que chaque semaine ils voyagent environ 30 minutes en voiture ou bien plus d’une heure par autobus et métro pour se rendre au parc. Soutenu par la Ville de Montréal pour encourager…

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Our volunteers, our park…a nod to you both

To say we’ve been blessed with one of the most dedicated core team of volunteers at parkrun Frederic Back is a major understatement. The most incredible thing too is that every week they travel about 30 minutes by car or well over an hour each way by public transit to get to the park. Supported…

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Highlights from last week’s parkruns

Many Ontario events had to cancel last weekend due to an incredible storm but it didn’t stop the launch of North Bay.  For the rest of the country it was business as usual!   North Bay parkrun     Welcome North Bay parkrun!  A small start is the best start.  North Bay has all the…

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Much more than a shirt with a number

Back in June 2014, my cousin Andrea and I decided to try out this parkrun thing people kept telling us about… and it turns out it totally changed the past couple of years for us!   I generally didn’t miss running a parkrun unless I was volunteering or sunning myself, Andrea occasionally missing after a…

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Réflexions sur nos premiers 80 événements

Le parkrun de Nose Hill a débuté le 1er septembre 2016, et nous avons maintenant atteint notre 80e événement. Nous sommes le deuxième parkrun à débuter au Canada, deux semaines après Okanagan. Quelques statistiques sont impressionnantes, comme le fait que nous avons 930 personnes d’enregistrées et nous avons eu 591 records personnels et 127 personnes…

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Nose Hill pushing on 80!

Nose Hill parkrun started on 1st September 2016 and we have now reached our 80th event. We were the second parkrun to start in Canada, two weeks after Okanagan. Some of the statistics are amazing, such as the fact that we now have 930 people registered and there have been 591 personal bests (PBs) and…

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Women of parkrun deliver world class research into running during pregnancy

The findings of the largest ever study of running in pregnancy have been published this month thanks to the contribution of 1,293 women parkrunners from around the world.   The results appear in this month’s BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, an open access journal covering all aspects of sport and exercise medicine, and are…

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North Bay parkrun Launches this Saturday

North Bay parkrun, Ontario, starts this weekend.  Timely too as we welcome in the warmer weather.   Lead by enthusiastic parkrunner David Holloway, the town based in North Eastern Ontario is ready for the community event that encourages people to get outside, happier, and healthier.   The parkrun will start at Veteran’s field, and will…

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Highlights from last week, April 7th

Many of our events received shiny new gear this week.  Our volunteers can now be easily recognised with the parkrun logo!  We think they look fantastic. Here’s our highlights from last Saturday:   Clover Point parkrun             Frédéric Back parkrun         Okanagan parkrun         Nose…

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‘Springing’ from Beach Strip

Spring marks the arrival of North America’s oldest road race, the Around The Bay 30K in Hamilton, Ontario. The course goes through both Hamilton and Burlington as it circles Hamilton Bay attracting top talent from the area and across the country. Parallel to the Beach Boulevard section of the course is the Hamilton Waterfront Trail…

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