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People of parkrun brought to you by Vhi

Vhi Roadshow at River Valley parkrun

Name: Peter Trevaskis


Age: eh 57 I think


Occupation: IT sales


Local parkrun: River Valley parkrun, Swords


Number of parkruns completed: 110


How did you get involved in parkrun?


My son had tried to get me out running without success mainly because despite his age (late twenties at the time) he still ran like a 9 year old, basically run as fast as you can until you have to stop. He nearly killed me! However, when my daughter took up the challenge she brought me out at a proper pace and soon I was managing to run 4km without stopping. She then introduced me to parkrun, something that had only started in Malahide. I was instantly hooked.



What do you love about parkrun?


I love the people. I love the fact that no matter who you are or how fast you can run or walk a parkrun we are all there for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to put aside all the things going on in our lives and simply enjoy a run or walk with likeminded people. I love that I can have great conversations with people thrilled that they managed to walk 5k while also having a great chat with someone who just missed breaking the course record by 1 second!


Who do you participate with?


Who do I participate with? Well, when I am running I participate with the person or people who are running just ahead of me or alongside me. I will normally go to the parkrun with my daughter Sam but I won’t run with her when she is targeting a sub-22 time and I am still trying to break 34 minutes at River Valley. I say still trying but I have a torn cartilage at the moment so won’t be running for some time. But this just means I get to volunteer a lot more.


Any parkrun milestones / achievements you would like to share?


Done 50 and got the t-shirt, done 100 and got the t-shirt. However there is no more treasured possession than the 25 volunteer t-shirt. The big milestone coming up soon will be the 100th day volunteering. No t-shirt but that is not what it is about. It is about meeting all the great participants and encouraging everyone as they make their way around the course. There is no better feeling than cheering someone over the line, particularly those people for whom just finishing is a major achievement.



How has parkrun impacted positively on your family outside of 9:30am on a Saturday?


The impact on the family is both positive and negative. Our two daughters are regulars but my son works on Saturday and one of the things he hates most about his job is his inability to take part in parkrun. They all agree that it is important for the grandkids to see the Mammies and Daddies engaged in physical activity and to encourage them to take part too. It is a great sight to see a 2 year old cheering and clapping their Mammy home.


Do you have a health or fitness goal?


Short term goal is to get my knee sorted so I can start running again. Unfortunately in the meantime all my fitness goals are cycling related. I am aiming to take part in the Great Dublin Bike ride as I have done this event twice before but always the 60km route. This year I want to take on the 100km. In the meantime, I still enjoy every aspect of parkrun through volunteering.


Who is your dream parkrun running buddy?


My all-time favourite parkrunner, and will always be my dream parkrun running buddy, is Martin Smyth. I use to run regularly at Malahide with Martin and he always passed me at around the 3km mark, laughing as he went past. We have done the Fingal 10k a couple of times together too and it is always great fun running with Martin. I should point out that Martin is 83 years old and still faster than me.


What was your best parkrun experience?


Favourite parkrun experience is very hard to pick out but if I had to pick one out it would be taking part with Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Marley Park for the launch of the parkrun involvement with Operation Transformation in 2015. Paul was every bit the global ambassador giving so much of himself and his time to ensure everyone got to talk to him and get their photograph. One of my most treasured possessions is my 50 milestone shirt that Paul signed for me that day.


What was the funniest parkrun moment?


Funniest moment? Maybe I shouldn’t even admit to this one! For Halloween we always dress up and one year I dressed up as a witch. The problem was I was also doing lead bike. Halfway around on the first lap my costume got caught up in the gears and I went flying. I think the poor runner who was hot on my tail was more shocked than me. I still managed to get back up and stay ahead of him.



What advice would you give to someone who’s never been to parkrun?


Sign up now – just do it. The hardest part of any parkrun anywhere in the world is closing the door of your dwelling as you leave to take part. No other part of participating in a parkrun is more difficult. Trust me on this because it is a fact.




parkrun has many benefits for many people but one of the hidden benefits I discovered is that it has re-energised my love of writing. I now produce our weekly run report and this in turn has inspired me to tackle some other writing projects I had put off for some years.

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