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Pro tips and tricks from Intersport for washing your workout gear!

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It’s certainly the weather for washing – but do you know how to correctly wash your outdoor and workout clothes? At Intersport we’re here to provide expert advice as well as all the gear you need to do the sports you love – and that includes helping you to keep your gear in great condition for as long as possible! With proper care, your workout gear will maintain its functionality and fit, and last longer. Read on for our pro tips and tricks…


Washing workout and outdoor clothes correctly


If you’ve been throwing your functional clothes and exercise gear into the machine with the towels and sheets, it’s time to have a re-think. Caring for the special fabrics used for outdoor and workout gear is not complicated, but it does need a little extra attention if you want to eliminate odours and maintain the shape, colour and functionality of your sportswear wash after wash.


Prep for washing


Workout and outdoor clothes are often damp with sweat and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Follow these simple steps before machine washing:


  • If you can’t wash something right away, allow it to air-dry rather than letting it sit for ages in a gym bag
  • Empty pockets, do up zips and turn everything inside out (this helps to keep the colours vibrant)
  • Consider pre-soaking very dirty items in water mixed with half a cup of white vinegar


Everyday washing basics


Once you’ve got a load of workout gear in the machine, here’s what to do:


  • Always wash in cold water. Hot water will damage stretchy fabrics. Check if your machine has a special programme for outdoor clothing, as these settings will be ideal.
  • Use a mild, everyday detergent but use less than the recommended amount. Too much detergent means unclean clothes, as a build up of detergent gives bacteria something to feed on
  • Add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. It is inexpensive and ensures any lingering odours will disappear.
  • Air-dry or select a delicate drying cycle.


High-tech care: How to wash a waterproof jacket


Even if your waterproof run jacket isn’t getting much use at the moment, it’s worth knowing how to clean your waterproof and outdoor items to ensure they retain their fit and functionality:


  • If you want to be 100% sure you aren’t damaging the fibres of your favourite items, use a specially-formulated detergent for sports or outdoor clothing.
  • Fabric softeners should NOT be used for outdoor clothes: never use it, as it prevents proper cleaning of stretchy and waterproof fabrics.
  • Over time waterproofing wears off. You’ll know this has happened if you see water absorbing into your jacket, rather than beading off it. You can re-waterproof jackets and outerwear using waterproofing spray, or look for a detergent which both cleans and re-waterproofs the jacket simultaneously.
  • When in doubt, read the label to ensure you are washing your outdoor and workout clothes properly, especially if they’re waterproof.


We hope you find these top tips useful! Remember we’re always on hand at Intersport with plenty of friendly advice, from tips about running through to gait analysis and finding your perfect shoe. Find your nearest store here


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