Awards, News - 13th December 2016

Message from parkrun Global


Since the beginning of parkrun we’ve always prided ourselves in breaking down barriers to participation and welcoming people no matter what their background or ability.


Perhaps the biggest change we’ve been through over the years has been from being a running event focused on finish times, to a community-led social event that uses running as a hook to bring people together and positively impact their lives.


As part of that process we’ve been looking at every aspect of our current website and making decisions around what to keep, what to change, and what to remove. As a result, the points league will be coming to an end, across the world, on the final weekend of February 2017.


Although we realise this will be disappointing to some, it has remained as the one big thing that compromises our participation-focused ethos and rewards a type of engagement that is no longer what we are primarily about.


We recently launched parkrun Canada and parkrun Sweden without the points league, which has gone well, Australia have already announced they will be stopping theirs, and recently Bushy parkrun, the home of parkrun and with 1,000+ weekly participants, stopped using their points league for the same reasons we present above.


None of those changes have resulted in any significant level of negative feedback.


Tom Williams,

Chief Operating Officer

parkrun Global


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