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Feedback from the Field

Mark and Alastair
We wish all parkrunners a great run this Sunday at the Wellington Marathon and
especially one of our parkrun Event Directors, Geoff McMillan, who is doing it for
very personal reasons: Here's Geoff -

"I’m going to be running in the Wellington Half Marathon on the 18th
June, as a representative for the Heart Foundation of NZ.

This organisation was extremely helpful to me when I suffered a major
heart attack back in 2011, and this is one way I can give back to them
-by running the 21km and raising some funds for them by way of

If you are of a mind to support me and them then the link below will take
you to my profile page where you will be able to make that donation. It
is a one off thing, if you decide to donate – then you nominate a sum
and that is it, you are not sponsoring by the kilometre.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can help out, that
would be fantastic."


Best Regards

Geoff McMillan Event Director, Pegasus parkrun


Attention all Lower Hutt parkrunners … the post you’ve been counting down to -

At event #270 on June 10th 2017 Event Director Mark Malone completed his 250th parkrun, amongst his amazing stats, 97 volunteers and the first NZ homegrown 250 parkrunner! An achievement so big they couldn’t fit it on one shirt so run director Alastair Willis  helped him out (above) and here he is holding his personal copy of the Lower Hutt parkrun start / finish line.

Mark Malone

In Sympathy

On a sadder note, Steve Chadwick, Mayoress of Rotorua recently lost her husband, John Chadwick. Mrs Chadwick came to Puarenga parkrun’s very first event and spoke about how thrilled she was to see this new community initiative come to Rotorua. Mayor Steve is still very supportive of parkrun knowing the positive effect it can have for a community.

On behalf of parkrun New Zealand we send heartfelt sympathy for her loss.

Mrs Chadwick wanted to thank the Rotorua community for its support.

It was such a great honour given to us by Te Arawa to have John at Tamatekapua (meeting house) and it has reaffirmed our life’s work, our activism and the value of multi-culturalism”. -Rotorua Daily Post


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Volunteer Profile

A very valued member of the Invercargill parkrun team Sandra and her husband Neil make rather a special team, thank you both so much for your valuable help and enthusiasm for parkrun!   Name: Sandra Brownridge Age: 60 Home parkrun: Invercargill   Occupation: Retired due to Sickness Number of Runs: 5 Number of times volunteered:…