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parkrun Diary

This coming Saturday is the four year anniversary of Porirua parkun, and I'd like to give a shout-out 
to the people who've kept it going all that time. Volunteer organisations are successful through the 
perseverance of those who selflessly give their time so that others can achieve their goals, and we 
are very lucky to have such a great initiative in our neighbourhood! 
Cheers to everyone who pitches in. – Porirua parkrun team


Please note Anderson parkrun in Napier is cancelled  until 1st July inclusive. Unfortunately the date had to be extended! There have been major upgrades at the park and the course is out of action, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. It will be able to reopen on 8th July.


Upcoming Anniversaries 

Porirua parkrun – 1st July

Anderson parkrun – 8th July

Blenheim parkrun – 15th July

Cornwall parkrun – 29th July


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pegasus - volunteer

Volunteer Profile

parkrun attracts amazing volunteers and Tanya is yet another example by sharing her talents and giving back to the community with such enthusiasm. Thanks Tanya!   Name: Tanya Seletkoff Age: 22 Home parkrun: Pegasus   Occupation:  Sales & Marketing/Photographer   Number of Runs: 0   Number of times volunteered: 6   Favourite volunteer role: Photographer…