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Volunteer Profile


Porirua is very lucky to have this stalwart volunteer and, no doubt, there’s many other parkruns that have  there own ‘good sorts’ who just get on with doing those little jobs that make every parkrun morning a pleasure! Many thanks to George and all our wonderful volunteers!


Name: George van Meeuwen

Age: 60 to 65 age group

Home parkrun: Porirua parkrun


Occupation: Uber driver, and informal Wellington tour guide


Number of Runs: 163


Number of times volunteered: Officially 102, but actually nearly every run


Favourite volunteer role: Pre-run setting up because he can run as well.  Also because he is married to a Run Director he has no choice about getting up early to help set up.


Why the run director appreciates his volunteering: George is usually the person that starts to quietly pack up all the gear.  Collecting the parkrun banner at the top of the driveway that advertises that parkrun is open for business.  Then collecting the coloured banners that cheer up the finish area.  And once the last participant is over the line, collecting all the other gear and putting it all in the run director car.  We don’t have an official post-run pack up role, so he never gets credited with all the support and assistance that he provides.  I would just like to acknowledge George for all his support.


One thing he loves about parkrun is: Chewing the fat over coffee and cake afterwards.  We’ve both made heaps of friends through parkrun.


My most memorable parkrun moment was: Getting four PBs in 2016, the first three in consecutive months!


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