Awards - 19th September 2017

Volunteer Profile

volunteer profile Kapiti Coast

We do appreciate all the wonderful volunteers who give up their time and parkrun is extremely fortunate to have so many,  like Jude, who simply enjoy being involved to give back to their community. Grateful thanks.


Name: Jude Wadsworth

Age: 68

Home parkrun: Kapiti Coast


Occupation: Retired


Number of Runs: Only two freedom runs


Number of times volunteered: 153 (because some days I do more than one job)


Favourite volunteer role: Will do whatever needs to be done including helping settle in new volunteers


I volunteer at parkrun because: When Andy started this group I was very impressed with the initiative, and because he needed help to fill the roster I wanted to be there to support him.


One thing I love about parkrun is: This is one of the very few events where whole families can join in with an activity and it doesn’t cost them anything except to get to the Otaihanga Domain.  I also enjoy seeing the family fur babies get very excited when Andy lines the participants up, particularly Bailey who lets everyone know she is ready to go and could you hurry up please Andy.


My most memorable parkrun moment was: There are many memorable moments, and much of this has had to be done through work on the expressway – but with the co-operation of our local council we have been able to continue although we have had some cancellations with the heavy rain.  I love seeing people of all levels of fitness – including those who worry about holding the volunteers up because they are walking.  Walkers be assured we are just pleased to see you there being part of the parkrun family and we are always happy to be there when you get to the finish line.  I also enjoy seeing Mum and Dad running with their kids, even pushing them in the pushchair,  and letting them get through the finish chute first.



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