Awards - 17th October 2017

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Geoff volunteer

Geoff McMillan has put Pegasus on the map, well the parkrun map! It’s a beautiful spot for a run and Geoff is certainly a wonderful ambassador for parkrun.


Name:  Geoff McMillan

Age:       57 yrs

Home parkrun: Pegasus


Occupation: Sales Manager


Number of Runs:     77


Number of times volunteered: 66 times at Pegasus, 4 times at Hagley (137 separate volunteer roles)


Favourite volunteer role: I’ve been Run Director at Pegasus 59 times, but in reality I’ve enjoyed all the roles that I have had, equally.


I volunteer at parkrun because: It is every bit as satisfying as running or walking at parkrun.


One thing I love about parkrun is: How so many people, from so many walks of life, from different countries & cultures – can come together and form friendships for people that otherwise would never have met.


My most memorable parkrun moment was: In such a small amount of time (Pegasus is only 68 runs old, as at Sept 23, 2017) there have been many. From the thrill of seeing 61 people at our inaugural event, the incredible local support,  to the enjoyment of reaching our first Anniversary, to meeting up with legends in the parkrun world ( Melvyn & Ria Trundley, Steve Darby & Hannah Oldroyd come to mind), acknowledging the 200th First Finish in the world by Hannah & Steve’s 400th run (both achieved at Pegasus) and now having welcomed 5 other Pegasus parkrunners into the 50 Milestone Club.


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Volunteer Profile

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