Awards - 31st October 2017

Volunteer Profile


Celebrating all the volunteers of parkrun is very important, but sometimes we forget the Event and Run Directors, who do a lot of extra admin once parkrun is all over for another morning.

Many thanks to all the Event/Run directors for their parkrun purpose and  dedication behind the scenes!


Name: Brian Prescott

Age: 53

Home parkrun: Cambridge NZ


Occupation: Technologist


Number of Runs: 10


Number of times volunteered: Officially 27 times. Unofficially I have been involved in every single Cambridge NZ parkrun (34 and counting)


Favourite volunteer role: Photographer – I love capturing the hurty faces on the final uphill “sprint” to finish line. Also love the cheerful happy faces at the halfway turn-a-round point.


I volunteer at parkrun because: Well. It all started with a call from Rob at Hamilton Lake parkrun. Would I like to help with setting up Cambridge NZ parkrun?  Sure I said. Happy to help but I’m fairly busy. Suddenly I am event director….
But as event director I appreciate how important volunteering is to parkrun. We have now developed a core group of volunteers which has lightened the load considerably. That is now allowing me to get out and run more or to combine a run/walk with volunteering.


One thing I love about parkrun is: It’s you against you. We don’t promote first finishers too much, but expect to get a pat on the back if you happen to get a run of new PBs.


My most memorable parkrun moment was: Got a couple of great memories so far.  The 1st Cambridge NZ parkrun was awesome. We had great support from our Hamilton Lake friends in getting to the start line in the first place and a great attendance from the wider parkrun community.

And finally I will always remember jumping off a 25 hour flight from NZ to Copenhagen, having a quick freshen up then knocking out my fastest ever 5km at Amager Strandpark parkrun

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