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Let it snow, let it snow!


Here’s a recent article from parkrun Sweden -  just as we’re getting used to our warmer weather and looking forward to the lovely summer months, spare a thought for our friends way up in the northern hemisphere!


This week saw the first snowfall across the southern half of Sweden – a good time to remind everyone what the plans are for parkrun in the winter. As I remember writing one year ago, we are often asked here in the Nordics ‘will you run all-year-round?’. The answer is that if possible, yes, we will. There is a culture that virtually all running events are squeezed into a narrow window between May and September (and of course that also excludes July) so it feels good that parkrun can help to fill that gap and help to provide a regular weekly running (and walking!) event right throughout the year.
What’s pararmount for parkrun is to make sure that we put on a safe event each week. We learnt plenty of lessons from running right through the winter in Hagaparken last year, and in the end we only needed to cancel three times, and this was always due to icy conditions. We set no expectation that people should need to wear spikes/dubbar to take part in parkrun – if we don’t think that it is safe to run in normal running shoes then we will cancel the event that week. (Of course it can still be a good idea to run in spikes/dubbar if you have them!)
Our amazing event teams across Scandinavia will be making a judgement call each week in the winter when it could be icy or dangerous conditions, and letting you all know in advance via email and social media if we need to cancel that Saturday. This will involve checking out the course during the week, keeping track of the weather forecasts and keeping you all updated.
It will of course much depend on the winter that we are served, and it will also vary greatly from event to event, depending on the course. For those events on forest tracks like Huddinge or Kungsängen, it may be trickier at the end of winter when the snow starts to melt and re-freeze out in the forests. But we will do all we can to bring you our friendly weekly events as often as possible!
What’s certain is that running a parkrun on a day where it’s a couple of degrees below zero, with a clear, crisp, blue sky above is a real treat that you should not miss! We had a great time at Haga parkrun last winter, and a regular crowd of runners who really enjoyed our events right through the year. We are looking forward to this upcoming winter, just this time across 7 locations in the Nordics.
See you on Saturday!
Deri Thomas
Country Manager
parkrun Nordics

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