News - 20th December 2017

Volunteers – thank you!

Palmy volunteers

We would like to thank every volunteer for their tremendous help over the year, those who have recently volunteered and those who have been for years. From kids to octogenarians, it’s quite incredible the range of wonderful people who have embraced their local parkrun and become a part of the wider community.


Of course, parkruns are supported by the Event and Run Directors who put in extra hours processing results, sorting tokens and a host of other little jobs that get done quietly, but consistently behind the scenes. Simply amazing and immensely appreciated.


Each parkrun you help at you are sharing the very special gift of your time, and we all know how precious time is. We hope this Christmas and over the holiday season you have more time to give to those special people closest to you.


However, if part of that time is combined in coming along to a parkrun together, then the parkrun New Zealand family will certainly be especially lucky and grateful to have you join us!


Thank you all so much and we certainly look forward to another wonderful year of parkrun in New Zealand with you in 2018.


Happy times and happy running

Lian and Noel -  parkrun NZ


Poriua volunteer


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