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Feedback from the Field

Cornwall ian jepson

We’ve just finished the first week of 2018 and already I’ve run 3 parkruns!  A great start to the year!

This morning at 6:50am, my dad presented me with banana, water and beetroot juice.  Yep, a big glass of red, nasty beetroot juice.  He’s been reading a book by Bear Grylls, who swears that beetroot juice is wonderful before a hard workout.  I just want to swear when dad makes me drink it, yuck!  Anyway, we hopped into our little wagon and headed off to the Lower Hutt parkrun.  My first word to dad getting out of the car was “wind” and my first words getting back into the car before heading home was “did you see that super-fast walking guy”?  More on that later but dad reckons he must be on the beetroot juice too, haha….. (read more below from Josh, junior parkrunner from Lower Hutt parkrun)



And also from Lower Hutt on the very first day of 2018 thank you to Winnie Cleary for these wise words:

For some people our parkrun was the first in a rare double, with Porirua also holding an official parkrun on New Years day.  This second run was at the more civilised time of 10am – allowing the party revellers a couple more hours of sleep, the enthusiasts wanting to do the double sufficient time to do so, and several of todays volunteers (Mark Malone, Andrew Cushnie, Fiona Davis, Neil Haxton, and Sandy Hooper) the chance to get in a run.  A quick scan of the Porirua results showed many names that were on the Lower Hutt finishers list went on to do the Porirua run too – well done! [Ed's Note - 105 people did the double].

In the past I would have been up for the double run – but not this time. Overcoming cancer and dealing with pain in my joints from osteoporosis means the sweet victory for me today was simply to run ( that is my version of ‘run’!) the whole of today’s parkrun. I salute today’s double parkrunners for your fitness and enthusiasm.  Maybe I’ll be up to it next year.  For this new year I am determined to look forward, not back, and have made the following resolutions:

1-     Laugh, it decreases stress hormones, and improves resistance to disease.  Simply the best medicine.
2-     Control the controllables, and let go of the rest.
3-     Be kind, people remember how you make them feel.
4-     Enjoy your life, because you just never know what is around the corner.

Goodbye 2017.  Hello 2018 – let’s hope it’s a cracker! Enjoy the holiday break, and we’ll see you at parkrun on Saturday.

Winnie Cleary – parkrunner


Thank you to the organisers and volunteers of the Puarenga parkrun in Rotorua for making us feel so welcome. The course was a great way for us as tourists to see parts of the lake, terrain and geothermal activity while keeping up our health and fitness. You must come to visit our local parkrun at Stones Corner, Brisbane, Australia! – Alana Armitage


Here are some milestones to start off 2018!

Jason Mccarthy became the first at Hamilton Lake to complete 200 park runs- congratulations on a great achievement! -HamiltonLake
Congratulations to Liz Neill on completing her 100th parkrun today, and on her 50th birthday! Lower Hutt
Congratulations to Donald Coley on completing his 100th parkrun! – Lower Hutt
Massive milestone achieved by Ian Moreton Jepson, congratulations 250 parkruns! Cornwall Park
Barry Curtis parkrun
Congratulations Kate Pattinson for completing her 100th parkrun! – Barry Curtis
Thanks for all the support and encouragement. What was once a real chore has become something really enjoyable – and largely because of you all! Thanks to all the awesome volunteers, the friendly faces and the good humored jibes. Kate Pattinson, Barry Curtis
Whangarei 3 x 50's
750 parkrun kilometres have been accumulated in combination by Pauline Dinsdale , Blandine Chilese, and Dori Gillming. They each ran their landmark 50th parkrun – congratulations ladies! What makes this trio even more remarkable is that every single one of those 150 parkruns has been at Whangarei. Important to acknowledge too in all three cases is that they are regular volunteers too, so also a big thank you  to each of you. – Whangarei parkrun
Whangarei parkrun also had a record number of 119 parkrunners to start the year off, well done!


Dunedin 30th Dec

Pictured above is Tania Hollis, of Dunedin parkrun, with Katherine Switzer, a running legend, who has inspired many women to take up running. Katherine Switzer is in New Zealand at the moment and her story is pretty amazing: ‘An iconic runner from way back in 1967 when she ran the Boston marathon, which was then considered a male-only race. She is an inspirational speaker and has broken many barriers creating positive social change. She has also empowered women all over the world by the simple act of running.’


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