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Volunteer Profile

Hugh - volunteer profile

Always lovely to feature a junior parkrunner who enjoys volunteering as well as running (to beat his dad)!


Name: Hugh

Age: 14

Home parkrun:Dunedin

Occupation: Student

Number of Runs: 15

Number of times volunteered: 8

Favourite volunteer role: Scanner

I volunteer at parkrun because: I’m working towards a goal of getting a Volunteer 25 t-shirt. I like getting there early and talking to all the people too.

One thing I love about parkrun is: The people we see who we don’t normally see there – you can have a chat and meet new people from other places. And my family does it every week and I like beating my dad.

My most memorable parkrun moment was: Running a parkrun in jandals, football socks and shin pads. I was just going to watch my family run before my football game, but I got carried away and ended up running the whole thing!


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