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Feedback from the Field

geoff milestone

Geoff’s run report: Pegasus parkrun #92 was also my parkrun #100 and due to just having had shoulder surgery on the Tuesday, some of my core team took on the responsibility of organising the parkrun. Add in that we have been trying to break the 100 attendance barrier for a wee while, we had named this run “100 for 100″.


Mark Sissons and Jackie Hancock, ably assisted by their respective spouses Louise and Simon and friend, Angela Lamont ensured that there were to be many surprises in store for this parkrunner, on his black shirt event.


I arrived at lakeside at absolutely the latest I have ever turned up to Pegasus and found a full-on flurry of activity around the start/finish area, with balloons attached at various points, a fabulous looking cake awaiting us to finish our run, a super-sized card for participants to sign, a photographer/reporter from one of our local newspapers and an indication that there were a few more little surprises/shenanigans waiting on the course.


Our incredible Volunteer Team  had either completed their jobs or were ready to do so and while I moved to the back to Tail Walk – Bidgie set the 92 of us on our way, a brilliant response and only 1 parkrunner short of equalling our record attendance!


Ours is a 2-lap course around the same 2.5km course, with permanent km & start finish posts, thanks to the council, so the first marker that one comes to, after the start, is the 3km one and here I was to find the first of those little surprises, my own face staring back at me!


As I said it was only the first of such surprises, as I slowly made my way around the course, I was to find this same face “posted” at the 1km, 4km, 2km marker posts and at the approach to both of our bridges! Finding no other recourse but to laugh, literally – at myself, I began the 2nd lap with much encouragement and the knowledge that at least half the field had finished (and were now eager for cake !), during which I was to meet up with a goodly number of athletes doing their cool-down reverse lap.


Receiving personal congratulations from these people was definitely a great feeling and a catalyst to moving at a quicker rate.


Geoff mask


Finally reaching the top of the suspension bridge for the 2nd time, my Tail Walking buddy took off and I could see a large group of people gathered at the Finish Funnel, some raising our yellow & black barrier arms to form an archway that I should run through -  this had been so carefully planned by some cunningly clever Core Team members!


Imagine then, my total surprise when I  jogged to the funnel I was greeted with everyone there sporting another copy of my own face! How many parkrunners have been greeted at the finish line by nearly 100 copies of their own visage, at the end of a milestone run?


I’ve said it in a post of my own, but I’ll say it again, the parkrunners I have met and continue to meet at Pegasus parkrun are an incredible, amazing, awesome bunch of people! -


Geoff McMillan, Pegasus parkrun


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