Awards - 3rd April 2018

Volunteer Profile


Many thanks to Lynne for her time she graciously gives to parkrun and congratulations as well for completing her 50th parkrun last week, well done that’s amazing and all run at Dunedin!


Name: Lynne Kerr

Age: 53

Home parkrun: Dunedin

Occupation: Part time artist and volunteer worker

Number of Runs: 42

Number of times volunteered: 8

Favourite volunteer role: Barcode scanner (it’s nice to meet and put faces to the people that I usually only see as they pass me during the run)

I volunteer at parkrun because: It’s good to give back to a group that has offered so much support and encouragement to me. It’s a lot of fun, if a little stressful the first time I did it, but it makes me feel more a part of the group.

One thing I love about parkrun is: Just having the opportunity to get out there and do it no matter the weather or how I feel at the time and especially knowing there will always be someone at the end to say ‘well done’.

My most memorable parkrun moment was: As a tail walker I got to encourage a young girl to keep walking the course despite her feeling that it was too far, too hard etc. At the end  we managed a bit of a sprint to the finish line and the look of joy on her face when she realised that she had completed the entire 5km for the first time was pure magic!


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