Awards - 1st May 2018

Volunteer Profile

Doug at Cambridge NZ

Introducing another parkrun stalwart who hails from lovely Cambridge!

Name:  Doug Jenkins

Age:  Old-ish

Home parkrun:  Cambridge NZ


Occupation:  Educator


Number of Runs:  Not many


Number of times volunteered:  30 something


Favourite volunteer role:  Any of them, with the exception of tail walker. I like to leave that to the walkers with four legs and a tail.


I volunteer at parkrun because:  parkrun helps so many people achieve their personal fitness goals.


One thing I love about parkrun is:  The friendly vibe and interaction with a wide variety of people.


My most memorable parkrun moment was:  Cambridge NZ’s inaugural ‘Christmas Cracker’ parkrun with modified course. I loved seeing the personal triumphs as participants conquered our infamous (mostly flat) hill finish.

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