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6th Anniversary

Lower Hutt trio

Lower Hutt parkrun 319 – 5th May 2018

Saturday 5th May saw the 6th anniversary of  parkrun in New Zealand with the celebration of the Lower Hutt parkrun.


The following is an abridged version of their excellent run report celebrating the anniversary


When I signed up for the role of run reporter for this week, I did not realise it would be a week of great significance marking the 6th anniversary of the Lower Hutt parkrun. So in the week leading up to today (5th May), I was thinking about what I would write and I was struggling to think about what content to use. I honestly thought someone who had been there from the start would be much better suited to write some sentiments, not me. But, it became clear to me in the run briefing this morning that there was something even more significant about to take place, and it really blew my mind.


Today Rebecca O’Sullivan ran her 100th parkrun. For those who did not run, you may be thinking, oh yeah, that’s not very exciting, most weeks there is someone who is running their 100th run. But, what is incredible about this is, Rebecca O’Sullivan is 6 years, 4 months and 2 weeks old! And that my friends BLOWS MY MIND. 100 parkruns at 6 years old, you do the maths as to what age she was when she did her first. That is a massive milestone and an achievement she should be so proud of. Rebecca finished the 5km today surrounded by several family members from multiple generations to a loud applause, cheering and banners. It was lovely to watch. And although it is difficult to find the information, I suspect Rebecca may be the youngest female parkrunner to reach this milestone! Well done Rebecca, and congratulations on this amazing achievement. You are an inspiration to us all.

Rebecca 100


Personally, I am a little over one year into my parkrun journey and only 34 Lower Hutt parkruns deep. But a lot has happened for me in that time. In my last run report, I spoke of my parkrun journey so far and what made me come back week after week. One of those motivating factors was my children. I was 32 weeks pregnant with number 2 at the time and have since welcomed our 2nd gorgeous girl, (who is 4 months old) into our lives. Keeping fit for my girls and being a good role model, showing them that exercise is an important part of our daily lives is really important to me. I do hope one day they join me at parkrun, but there will be no pressure, and I certainly don’t expect them to run 100 times by the time they are six like Rebecca. And for now, seeing them at the finish line will always bring a smile to my face.


Each week I am so inspired by the youth that run parkrun, this week there were 31 under 18 year olds running. It is hard to believe that some as young as 4 are running 5km. I certainly would not have been able to run that distance at that age! Again, this impresses and inspires me to no end.


The run conditions to mark 6 years, were fairly typical for Wellington, with cross winds, head on winds and tail winds, but all in all it was pretty good. 220 runners and walkers completed the course, and a shout out goes to those doing it for the first time, those running a milestone, visitors, those running a PB, those getting a placing, and everyone else who crossed the finish line.

6 years of parkrun could not happen without the volunteers. A big shout out goes to Mark Malone and all of the run directors who have made Lower Hutt parkrun possible, I am sure I speak for many in thanking you for all you do and for giving us the opportunity to be part of this awesome parkrun family.


I loved how Vatau put it last week, and so I am stealing his word, a big VOLUNCHEERS to everyone who has dedicated their time to make parkrun happen each week for the last six years and this week a special shout out to Gaby, Margaret, Lizzi, Gina, Abby, Danielle, Andrew, Victoria, Jo and Sonja for your time to make today’s run possible.

Happy 6th Birthday Lower Hutt parkrun, and a special congratulations again to Rebecca.

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