Awards - 30th September 2018

Volunteer Profile

Tania and

Our Event Directors are invaluable volunteers who often shy away from any praise and would rather enjoy others’ milestones and achievements, but each ED brings their particular talents and flair to each event and we’d simply like to acknowledge them!

This week it’s Tania from Dunedin. 


Name: Tania Hollis

Age: 49

Home parkrun: Dunedin


Occupation: Accounts Officer for an Australian medical practice that I used to work for when I lived there – now I’m teleworking from my desk in the kitchen


Number of Runs: 167


Number of times volunteered: 70 – 48 times as Run Director


Favourite volunteer role: Run Directing. If everything goes smoothly it’s really just hanging around and chatting to people. If something goes a bit awry then it’s always “interesting” to work out how to fix it.


I volunteer at parkrun because: it’s always great seeing people cross the finish line with a sense of achievement – whether they’ve busted a gut and collapse on the ground or stroll across with a smile. It’s also the only time I get to meet some of the quick runners who might have usually wandered off by the time I cross the finish line many minutes later (more so in winter than the nicer months).


One thing I love about parkrun is: the sense of community that evolves the longer a parkrun is going. I knew very few people when I came back to Dunedin and coming along to parkrun every Saturday really helped me settle and introduce me to a great bunch of people.


My most memorable parkrun moment was: Ok – I’m going to take two (but there are actually many). The very first parkrun I did was the first time I ran 5km after doing a Couch-to-5K plan. And the other was meeting Katherine Switzer and chatting to her (this was the second time she was at the same parkrun as me but I was too shy to chat to her the first time).

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