News - 13th November 2018

parkdog of the week

parkdog Cornwall park 2

Harry, a Hungarian Viszla, is a parkrun stalwart, now a two year old, Harry has ten parkruns to his name. He posed regally in his athletic vest for a photograph because he was aptly named after a certain young prince who shares his hair colour. Harry and owner Katrina volunteered as tail walkers as Harry’s been out with kennel cough for a few weeks and needed a quiet outing. Harry has volunteered have you?


Hi, I’m Harry, a two year old Vizsla with super long ears.  My nickname is Jar Jar Binks.

My mum Katrina brought me to parkrun this year as I was very shy around people I didn’t know and she thought it might help.  Well, I LOVE Cornwall Park parkrun!  Everyone has been so kind to me and I’ve made lots friends that always stop by and say Hello.   I even bark a couple of times during Jeff’s talk to let him know I’m super keen and ready to go.  I know he loves it when I do that….

I get dressed up if there is an event (I had a big scary spider attached to my harness for Halloween) and I’m looking forward to picking my costume for the Christmas Day run.  I’ll be doing it with my family which includes my human sister Stella (10) who is my absolute favourite person.

My worst habit (according to my humans) is rolling in dead things.  I just don’t understand the fuss or why they rush me to the dog wash every time I find something wonderfully smelly.

I hang out at Cornwall Park, but have done Barry Curtis and I have a visit to Napier in the next couple of weeks.  Mum and I would like to do more parkruns around the country together so please come and say hello if you see me.

See you soon, Love Harry



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