Awards - 27th November 2018

parkdog of the week

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Bud Boniface

Hey guys, I’m Bud, mum says I’m a 2 year old black lab but really I am just amazing. I had a very rough start in life, when my family got me I was 5months old, my hip was shattered so it had to be removed, it hurt to walk for a long time but I soon got strong following around my human brother and my cat. Once I started running I thought pulling mum on her bike was the best thing ever. Until we went to parkrun, parkrun day is the best day of the week, I get so excited I usually forget all my manners, bounce up and down and try to lick everyone I can, then when the horn goes I pull as hard as I can to try and race to the lead, my family are lucky I love them because they run far too slow for me, mum says they will get faster one day.

parkdog Bud from Invercargill

I have not been allowed to go for quite a while because my foot was hurting and then I had to have another operation so now my hip muscles are weak from no exercise, mum keeps saying I need to just walk right now as I get better but I think she is lying, so I make sure I look super sad all morning then rearrange their belongings while they are gone to show how much missing out upsets me, mum said something about underwear at the front door being the last straw and now I can come back as long as I wear my new shoes, walk nicely and do not go too mad with excitement, I am making no promises, prepare to be licked fellow parkrunners!!



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