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Report from the parkrun UK conference

This past weekend I had the privilege to visit the parkrun UK conference, which celebrated the hard work of all the many, many volunteers that help to make the parkrun magic happen every Saturday morning. Although mainly aimed at volunteers from around the UK, there were also delegates from other countries including Ireland, Poland, Australia,…

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photos from around the Nordics from Saturday’s parkruns

Blue skies and bright sunshine was the default setting for our events this week in the last parkrun in the first half of the year. With over 150 first-time runners this week, parkrun continues to reach out to new participants through the best form of advertising, word of mouth. What’s not to like?!   These…

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parkrun – One Big Family!

At the start of Örebro parkrun #60, just before the pre-run brief, a few of our regular parkrunners gave a tribute to Josefin & Johan (also regulars) as they would be getting married that very same day. I had suggested to them after last week’s parkrun that they such have their wedding ceremony at parkrun,…

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parkrun at the World Cup in Russia!

At the time of writing, the Nordic countries that qualified for the World Cup are doing rather well, with both Denmark and Sweden qualifying from their groups and progressing to the last 16. Sweden’s last game was in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, east of the Ural mountains and the most easterly venue being used…

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The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Run Good

When you register for parkrun, you get the chance to include which running Club you belong to. This began with mainly traditional running clubs, and these are still heavily represented, but over the years more informal clubs, groups and associations have sprung up, influenced by parkrun’s ability to reach out to people who previously wouldn’t…

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Around the Nordics – parkrun at midsummer

Last weekend saw midsummer across the Nordics, with parkruns taking place at all 17 events across the region. Here’s a selection of shots from our events on the longest parkrunday of the year!   On the start line in Skatås, Goteborg   There were several visually impaired runners being guided this week at Amager Fælled…

Midsummer parkrun 2018
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Midsummer at parkrun – open as usual!

It’s that wonderful time of year again when Swedes celebrate the most magical, ideoligical event which is known as ”midsommar”.  I mean what’s not to like about some pickled herring, a ”few” shots of schnapps, and hopping around a pole like a frog (I kid you not!)   Midsummer is celebrated quite religiously by virtually…

Paul and Maija
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Age is just a number – ask Maija-Liisa

Maija-Liisa Ström, is 82 years young and loves jogging, in fact quite a few kilometers every week:  “Younger people think too easily that we older people can’t do this or that”, says Maija-Liisa. She is a regular figure at Tampere parkrun in Finland and well liked by everyone there.   People with colourful clothes are assembling…

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A high five for a hero

This is our little boy Louis, who has Down’s Syndrome, volunteering at Peterborough parkrun and giving one of the runners a ‘high five’. For us however, the photo has great poignancy as the woman is not just any runner – her name is Dr Yong and several years ago she saved Louis’ life.   Louis…

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parkrun on the rise in Norway – join teams looking to start parkruns in Bergen, Trondheim, Grimstad and Greater Oslo!

Not to be outdone by Sweden (of course!), interest in starting additional events in Norway is starting to grow. Following the launch of Stavanger in April this year, there’s a number of other cities that are keen to get in on the action, and we are looking forward to supporting and helping the teams in…