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Your parkrun Barcode – the only thing you need!

So, if you’re reading this newsletter it means that you’ve registered for parkrun with a link to print out your barcode. A passport to over 1100 events around the world!   In Sweden we’re doing pretty well with people turning up with their barcodes – over 90% of people have had them with them so…

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You’re never left behind at parkrun – meet the Tail Runner!

Maybe you’re a bit worried that everyone else at parkrun is going to be really quick and you’re going to get left behind? That you might finish last or even that you might get lost because you can’t follow the person in front of you?   Worry not, for at parkrun you will never finish…

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Hagaparken, a study of seasons

Most weeks, at around 8.15, I arrive in Hagaparken and start setting up the signs around the course. And I have a confession to make, I rather enjoy it! As we’re a 2-lap event, it’s just over 2.5km to walk, and for me, it’s some time to myself to enjoy being out in nature and…

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SVT Sportnytt – parkrun lockar med löpning och fika (Maj 2017)

SVT Sportnytt – parkrun lockar med löpning och fika

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DN artikel, Juni 2017 “Fenomenet i Hagaparken som intresserar Janne Andersson”

DN artiklel, Juni 2017: “Fenomenet i Hagaparken som intresserar Janne Andersson”

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Making sure the glass is half full!

So, I have recently become injured, doing the thing that I love, running! It’s never fun being injured, and the not-knowing how bad the injury is and when you will be able to run again is probably the worst thing about it. But (and as a friend reminded me, thanks Hugh!) it’s all too easy…

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Skatås parkrun kommer snart!

parkrun Skatås kommer snart, och detta nya event i Göteborg representerar mer än ett års arbete. För mig var loppet ett sätt att bidra till mitt nya samhälle. Som förening står parkrun för en hälsosam värld och en gratis samlingsplats för människor. För fyra år sedan, som nyankommen person, hade jag behövt precis den typen…

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parkrun är beroendeframkallande!

Jag har fått ett nytt beroende. Och snabbt gick det. Jag provade en gång, och blev lite sugen på mer, och provade en gång till, och whips så var jag fast.   Jag antar att det är som med droger; man tänker bara prova och innan man vet ordet av så är man fast och…

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parkrun – why on earth volunteer?

It’s quite simple really, volunteering is good for you and so is a walk or run in the park. Combine the two and you’re really onto something; parkrun does just this.   The model is simple. Whether you can manage a walk, a jog or run you can get involved in parkrun. It has been…