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Do we need to be inspired?

After reading an article the other week about falling attendances to major athletic events in the UK it got me thinking. People are disassociated with elite and professional athletes and I would hazard a guess to say that the average “motionär” in Sweden feels no affiliation to the people that are supposed to inspire them!…

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parkrun – a film to explain how it works!

Not sure what to expect when you turn up to parkrun? Take a look at this film that we did to show you exactly how parkrun works! It’s really very simple, and very friendly, so if you’ve not already come along to parkrun, we hope to see you on Saturday morning at Örebro or Haga…

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Walkers are welcome too!

There’s been a recent change in the naming of role of what has previously been known as the ‘Tail Runner’ – the role for the volunteer who accompanies the last person on the course, to ensure that no-one finishes ‘last’ and that this person always has company on the way around the parkrun. It’s an…

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A sister parkrun on the other side of the world!

Looking at the statistics for Sweden, we can see that in total, Swedish parkrunners have now run a grand total of 13,815km! Not quite once around the world, but at least enough to get to the other side of the world. We thought that we would take a look at where that would get us,…

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Min väg till parkrun (av Emelie Carlsson, Skatås parkrun)

För en del börjar parkrun med ett litet steg, för mig började det med ett maraton. Jag hade sprungit regelbundet i ett par år och började känna att jag behärskade halvmaraton-distansen. Jag hade alltid tyckt att maraton var på tok för långt men någonstans började ändå ett frö att gro, visst kan väl jag springa…

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Summer parkruns!

We think that most of you will know this already, but just to make it clear one more time – parkrun takes place all year round, which of course includes the summer! So there will be a parkrun every week in July and August in both Haga and Orebro, and from August 12th in Skatås,…

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Running away from ‘The Big C’

This week we share a story from a parkrunner in the UK who has been using battling cancer and finding parkrun as the perfect means of keeping active during this difficult time.   “Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 42 years old, I have a 10-year-old son and I am a regular at Beeston…

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Celebrating 100 volunteers!

When we started up parkrun in Sweden, one of the things that we often heard was that we’d never be able to get the volunteers to be able to put on the event every week. In fact, it was the same when parkrun started back in the UK, especially when the event was on every…

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Milestone t-shirt update

The latest batch of milestone t-shirts is nearly with us. We know some of you have been waiting a while to receive yours, so we wanted to let you know how the process will work.   Around 23,000 new milestone t-shirts will arrive in port later this week. They need to clear customs and be…

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Midsommar parkruns

A reminder that we will be running as normal on Midsommardagen, Saturday 24th June in both Haga and Örebro. Yes, there will maybe be a few people away at their summerhouses, but there will also be a lot of people who will still be in town and for whom parkrun on the Saturday morning will…