Nyheter - 13th June 2017

Hagaparken, a study of seasons

Haga 1 october group blog

Most weeks, at around 8.15, I arrive in Hagaparken and start setting up the signs around the course. And I have a confession to make, I rather enjoy it! As we’re a 2-lap event, it’s just over 2.5km to walk, and for me, it’s some time to myself to enjoy being out in nature and enjoy the scenery of the stunning park that we have the privilege of using every week.
There’s many aspects of parkrun that make it so much more than just being ‘another running race’, and many of these you might not immediately think about, such as the highlighting the importance of volunteering, or being a meeting place for people to come together, share stories and make friendships. And another is that we are outside, in the natural environment, enjoying the parks and other locations where events are held. We hope that parkrun plays a part in helping people to discover places that maybe they had not known about before, or just to allow them to appreciate them spending some time exercising in the fresh air, rather than inside in a gym.
I’ve really enjoyed seeing Hagaparken change with the seasons,. As a largely broadleaf forest, there’s enormous changes according to the seasons, and they give the park a wholly different character according to the time of year. From our start in the autumn, with the leaves thick on the ground; through the deep winter, with snow lining the route; to the spring, where the greenery has just exploded into life. And now we await the summer months, the warm stillness of a Swedish morning in July, and another chance to appreciate the many faces of the park as we go through the year.
Happy parkrunning everyone!
Deri Thomas
Country Manager

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